Tuesday, September 05, 2006

PQ up by Five

According to Angus Reid:

Parti Quebecois: 37% (-3%)
Liberal Party of Quebec: 32% (+11%)
Action democratique du Quebec: 13% (-)
Parti vert: 9%
Quebec solidaire: 7%

The changes are from November 2005 and, if I am not mistaken, the original article contains an error, either in the Liberal Party gains since November (which it claims to be nine points), or in the November 2005 Liberal Party figure, which is given at 21%.

I don't claim to understand the electoral dynamics of Quebec, but this looks like minority government territory. If so, I wonder how that would effect the timing and possibility of any referendum question?



Interesting the the left party is at 7% since they were only launched last year.

bigcitylib said...

I wonder who they would be pulling votes from.

iggyforpresident said...

Since you wont post this BCL I thought I would bring it to the few Liberals who bother with this turgid blog: DION TOUTS $10-BILLION BID TO MEET KYOTO
An honest Liberal who plans to tax and spend to comply with this statist, Euroweenie invention.


bigcitylib said...

Link don't work, Iggy-for-P.

iggyforpresident said...

It don't work because it's too long for your frick'n cut-rate blog program. Go to the G&M site, it's under National News.

Suzanne said...

I know the numbers look bad to an outsider, but I've lived in Quebec and worked in the Quebec Liberal Party.

Those numbers are actually not that bad. In fact, they're somewhat encouraging given all the bad press Charest gets.

Don't underestimate the Quebec Liberal Party electoral machine. They are the very best. They manage the impossible. Just think: they eeked out a NO vote when it looked grim. Like 'em or hate 'em, they get results.

I seriously doubt there will be a referendum if the PQ is elected. There's been so much turmoil in Quebec, I suspect people are sick of instability. They just want "normalcy".

Radical Centrist said...

The PQ can win a majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. The Liberals need well over 40% to win a majority. That's because the Lib vote is mostly concentrated in and around Montreal, which is underrepresented in the "National" Assembly. The real numbers you want to look at are the percentages of support for each party among francophones.

Radical Centrist said...
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iggyforpresident said...

Once again BCL hides the truth from his 15 readers. While Iggy reported that Liberal candidate Dion had proposed a tax-and-spend Kyoto plan, and even referred to Dion as an "honest Liberal" for doing so, it now seems that Iggy was only half right on the honesty question anyway. You see, it seems Dion has ripped his plan from the God-like David Suzuki, which this link (if it works) from Janke atests to: