Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jandek Comes to TO

Ultra-reclusive outsider musician Jandek is coming to Canada for the very first time. Specifically, he will becoming to Toronto, to the Centre of Gravity (1300 Gerrard East) on Sunday (September 17) at 7 pm, according to NOW Magazine.

What does Jandek sound like? Imagine Kurt Cobain plucking away at a guitar that is either untuned or weirdly tuned, that maybe Kurt hasn't learned to play yet, and singing about a spiritual desolation so deep and absolute that the music seems to be emanating from an abandoned madhouse in the middle of a dark desert. And yet it all seems to work; Jandek has put out 45 albums over 28 years, and gathered a small but very fervent set of admirers (including the late Mr. Cobain).

For more info on Jandek, check out this site. If you want to try downloading his music via P2P, I recommend trying to find a copy of "The Electric End". You may not like it, may not even think its "music". But you will find it freaky.

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