Friday, September 15, 2006

Well, Scratch that Theory

Global Warming deniers like to argue that a change in solar brightness may be behind the change in late 20th century climate conditions. However, a study appearing in the Steptember 14th edition of Nature Magazine puts paid to this argument. According to Tom Wigley, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research:

Our results imply that, over the past century, climate change due to human influences must far outweigh the effects of changes in the Sun's brightness.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! These here idjits who deny human-induced climate change don't give two poops what sum dumbass researcher sez in sum dumbass magazine. They got their minds made up an' no studies or facts is gonna make 'em change their tune. They're the selfsame stay-the-coursers who don't pay attention t' facts on anythin'. No WMDs? So what. World's less-safe after the BushMan's war? They got their earplugs in an' their blindfolds on. Ice cap's meltin'? No it ain't.

Back a long time ago, there useta be door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen. I had a good time with 'em an' I had a good reason why I wouldn't never buy them $1000 sets o' books. I'd tell 'em - "I don't know nuthin' an' I don't wanna know nuthin'." I reckon that's how them there deniers think in real life.