Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Whizz Kid" Kinsella Soon to be Flipping Burgers?

From The Star:

Stung by an embarrassing defeat in the Parkdale-High Park by-election, some senior Liberals are grumbling that it's time for Premier Dalton McGuinty to shake up his re-election campaign team.

Shake them up. Or maybe put them in a blender. But I digress:

Several high-ranking officials told the Toronto Star there is growing disenchantment with McGuinty's "whiz kids" despite their success winning the 2003 provincial election.

No names, but we can always speculate. And here's my favorite bit of the story:

"There's always second-guessing after a campaign unless you win and you're perfect," said [a] disappointed party official, adding there was a backlash against the party after some overly enthusiastic young bloggers used their websites to attack DiNovo.

Again, no names, but...

And a nice way of putting it, too: "overly enthusiastic".


Peter Rempel said...

The funny thing is is that Cherniak is probably honoured to be the fall guy in this article.

Mike said...

I don't often agree with Peter Rempel, but he has it bang on this time. Even when his fellow Liberals slam him for this smear, he pretends it was the right thing to do.

He just doesn't get it...