Thursday, March 24, 2011

1st Tory Candidate To Resign

Dale Saip resigns over bankruptcy revelations.

I had nothing to do with it, but if anyone wants to know what I am getting up to this cycle, "dark ops" wise, well, I'm trying to implicate a Tory cabinet minister in a sex scandal. But it isn't going well. In the end I may have to sleep with the guy myself.

What I do for Canada...


Dana said...

I think you may be taking the "fuck the conservatives" motto just a tad too literally.

On the other hand, whatever works.

CK said...

Well, if you end up having to sleep with the guy, don't forget pictures!

Niles said...

I-did-not-know there was a Bl'adderCL in the family tree. But is BCL a busty escort and not a Percy? Because otherwise, it won't hit the media(pokepokepoke) or even BCL's own blog.

I think you'd be better off catching him saying he doesn't like hockey. Or at least playing 'tape' that manages to string those words together. Works for J Okeefe in the US.