Sunday, March 06, 2011

I Predict Another Rough Week For NASA

They lost their satellite, and now one of their scientists, Dr. Richard B. Hoover, who seems to have a fairly impressive CV, is claiming that he's found evidence of ET in the remnants of comets that have fallen to Earth in Antarctica. It's not a crazy thought. Panspermia is in fact an old idea. The problem is that he's publishing his findings in The Journal of Cosmology, not Nature or Science or anything well-known like that. That's a screencap of their homepage below:

Yeah. Looks nutz, doesn't it? Note the paper about "Sex On Mars".

It also turns out that Hoover's paper will be the JoC's swan song; they're going out of business. A press release announcing that fact can be found here. Its a stem-winder, and doesn't do much to dispel the scent of madness around the journal.

Mr. Hoover also gave broke the news of his research through FOX, so that too bodes ill.

Much as I'd like this one to be true, I think it will all end in tears and NASA will wind up with a black-eye over it. Crazy NASA scientist. Let's cut their budget. That kind of thing.

Dr. Hoover's paper can be found here.

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