Friday, March 18, 2011

Bruce Carson, One Of Stephen Harper's Closest Advisers

He had recently been fired by the prestigious law firm of Soloway Wright after a client complained his signature had been forged on a document transferring a cheque to Carson.

The Law Society of Upper Canada investigated, and a year later disbarred him for forging signatures of clients and misappropriating almost $24,000.

Almost a year after that, Carson was charged by Ottawa police with the misappropriation of funds. At that time, he was living on Colonel By Drive. The charges included two counts of theft, two counts of forgery and one count of uttering a forged cheque. In December, he pleaded guilty to the charges, and in February 1983, Carson was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

PS. Sorry if today's stuff is more cutty-pasty, linky vs thinky, than usual. I've been busy. Clearly what's interesting about all this is how close Carson has been to so many Tory bigwigs over such a long period of time.


Gene Rayburn said...

So is this where PrairieKid says he doesn't care or where Ridofbrain tries to bring up an irrelevant incident to make a muddled point?

Maybe Paul will come in and claim to be non-partisan, while being partisan.

Those Conbots and their surprises.

double nickel said...

Harperland...where money talks and bullshit.....also talks.

crf said...

I don't of course think criminals should be prevented from working again. But he ought to have found it much more difficult to work as a political advisor or lobbyist.

It doesn't speak well of him.

Just the facts, please said...

"Tough on crime" vic Toews on making it more difficult to obtain a pardon:

"It's not the state's business to be in the forgiveness business," Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said..."The current system of pardons implies that what the person did is somehow OK, or is forgiven or that the harm done has somehow disappeared. Our government disagrees”.

ridenrain said...

I’m still looking for those brown envelopes full of taxpayers dollars. He sat in on some meetings but no deals were signed and Carson and Harper both say they never talked. Even the Mohawks are rejecting any shadow of a deal. Unless someone can prove that they talked or dig up these brown envelopes full of taxpayers dollars, it looks like just so much noise. Even at it’s worst, it was the PM who brought this to the RCMP.
They say that a lie can get half way across the world before the truth gets it’s pants on. It’s clear to me that this is just another fabricated smear to boost the sagging Liberal poll numbers. Good luck with that.

double nickel said...

"Even at it’s worst, it was the PM who brought this to the RCMP."

Sort of like.... ADSCAM!!!!! Oh wait...that was the other guys, right, ridofbrain?
You're a hopeless piece of shit.

ridenrain said...

Why the personal attacks? What's with you folks? If you can't objectively discuss politics without getting angry and personal, why don't you take a time out?

double nickel said...

@ridenrain...why don't you fuck off?

Tof KW said...

ridenrain said...
Why the personal attacks?

Because by defending a government that was elected on cleaning up Ottawa, that in fact turned into the most unethical and dishonest government we've ever seen are a hypocritical piece of shit.

Now fuck off troll!

ridenrain said...
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