Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Even More On Jack MacLaren's Email

...and the integrity complaint against Randy Hillier:

An assistant in Hillier's office forwarded The Guide a copy of a letter sent by the web provider, William Ross Solutions, to Hillier to apologize for the error.

The letter states that an email intended for MacLaren's audience was accidently routed to Hillier's website.

"William Ross Solutions has several commercial and non-commercial accounts, that although securely separate within an encrypted platform, do share some common components," President William Ross wrote.

"It was an inadvertent selection of a single check box that resulted in the delivery of said email to all William Ross Solutions' past and present accounts. As well the applications settings for tracking the emails was incorrectly set and resulted in links being routed through your hosting package."

I'll update this after I think about it a bit.


Terrence said...

This sounds like WRS is taking all the blame. And that probably settles the matter.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, but is it true? MacLaren's site is currently registered to Netwerx (Iannuzzi), which is also the gang behind the OLA website. Is he really a WRS customer?

How hardcore could the Integrity Commish's investigation get?

Terrence said...

WRS might maintain MacLaren's email list.

But I can't think of any reason the company would take the blame so publicly unless it really had made a mistake.