Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fox News North Rejected!

How do I know that Bell Canada [Enterprises] won’t be carrying SunTV? Because their sales representatives told me so when I called them.

I emailed Rogers last week.  You would think they would be carrying the channel, as the current version of the station is already on their dial.  Still, I haven't heard back from them yet.


A Eliz. said...

I don't think they will be using the current Sun that carries movies etc.

bigcitylib said...

Thought I'd heard the new station would supersede the old. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Reality Bites said...

1. The two stations have nothing to do with each other. Sun TV is an over-the-air station licensed in Toronto. Under current regulations, they can't collect any money from cable and satellite companies that carry them, and those companies MUST carry them in the Toronto area. It would be like Rogers no longer carrying CTV Toronto and replacing it with CTV News Channel. Can't be done.

2. As I mentioned in an earlier post, sales reps are simply not ever given the information on whether or not they will be carrying a station until their employer has concluded negotiations.

Until there is an official statement otherwise from Bell, Rogers, etc. it is a pretty safe assumption that if one carries it, they all will. If Bell had reached a final decision not to carry it, we wouldn't be finding out about it on some Conservative idiot's blog. It would be a legitimate news story and Sun media, for one, would be all over it.

bigcitylib said...


Spoilsport. Although the original blog posters suggests they've been explicitly told Bell WON't be carrying the station.