Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tory Tumoil In Over Long-Gun Registry In Que.!

This is CPoC star candidate, Jean-Guy Dagenais, current President of the Quebec provincial police union, on the gun registry (in a crappy machine-translation):

"For us, the Registry is a must. But I am afraid we can not reach agreement with the West. Each province should be able to adjust the registry to its needs and make it less complicated. It would be easier and easier for Quebecers gun owners if they repatriated the administration of the registry, "he argued in an interview Monday."

A federally financed, but provincially administered gun registry seems to be what he's talking about. I wonder if this might be a way forward? The provinces with some pride and a social conscience maintain the registry with federal funds. Out West they slaughter one another with wild abandon.


PS. Has anyone else noticed that blogger's text formatting is all screwed up? I'm having to add paragraph breaks manually. And the spacing sucks.

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