Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tim Hudak's Energy Plans For Ontario nukes. Not wind, not solar. Lotsa lotsa new nuclear. That's the only concrete promise to come out of the PCPO campaign to date. Because nuclear is clean and green and doesn't explode.
Oops! Two out of three, I suppose.

Seriously, would you rather have a majestic wind turbine or a nuclear reactor going up on the property next door? Kind of puts the noise issue into perspective, doesn't it?

And, as I've said, while Tim has promised new nukes, he hasn't said where he'll put them. He should come clean on that.


ridenrain said...

Big tsunami to hit Ontario...

Were you not demanding they re-fit the Chalk river reactor though?

Meagan Trush said...

Hopefully not on a fault line? Chuckle ..

On a related note, if you havent seen this TEDtalk its worth a gander.

Brian said...

When a Japanese reactor on the east coast goes up in a poof of radioactive mist, that radiation is carried out over the Pacific Ocean where the radiation dissipates. If an Ontario reactor does the same thing the radiation will do one of two things. First it could drop radiation across the people of Quebec or New York State. Second it could drop radiation across the people of Ontario.
I’ll take the Fit and Micro Fit thanks.

Gene Rayburn said...

First, ridofbrain you're an idiot.

There is a fault line that runs across the bottom of lake Huron & Superior. The type of reactors we have are different. Unlike Japan, we don't use depleted uranium in our reactors. Saying that, we are sitting on shiploads of waste with no feasible was to dispose of it besides giving ridofbrain a tritium milkshake.

Nuclear power doesn't scare me as much as the waste that lasts hundreds of thousands of years. That alone puts me against it as a prime power source.

As for Chalk River that's a medical reactor. Much smaller than the Bruce, Darlington or Pickering. Only a moron would think a snide comment about something that creates a product to treat cancer is clever.

But then again, it is ridofbrain, English comprehension is the best we can expect of him.

CheeMiss said...

Keep your majestic wind tower & useless solar panels. I'll go for Hydro Power and recycled garbage power. Oh, and yes, throw in some of that nuclear power while your at it!

I'm to wise to throw my monies on Al Gore's

Anonymous said...

apparently cheemiss already had the tritium milkshake.

KeerthanaK2 said...

Many high profile business leaders have signaled their support for clean energy including former Premiers Mike Harris and Erne Eves. (

And now, the Pembina Institute, an independent organization, has released a study which says the wind, solar and biogas power producers under Ontario’s feed-in tariff program are being blamed unfairly for rising power prices.

The alternatives are no cheaper. The FIT program would never add more than 1.5 per cent, or about $2 a month, to the typical consumer hydro bill, the study says.

Read it here: