Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Canadian First!

Harper Government Scandal makes news site for sex toys! How did that happen? Remember, the name of the company involved is H20 Pros. What does that make you think of. Personally, it makes me think of water filtration devices.

PS. Speaking of H20 pros, here's the management team page for H20 Global Group, the group they spun off for lobbying purposes. Here's the bio for Christine McPherson, who is thought to be the mother of Michelle:

Ms. McPherson has devoted her career to Human Resources, Human Rights and People. She developed partnerships with Makivik, Qiqiqtaaluk and Unaaq to establish the Northern Shrimp Industry. In collaboration with them she developed training programs to train Inuit on board Northern Shrimp Trawlers. She has developed and delivered programs to create the Federated Architecture/ Government On-line and to facilitate process mapping with organizations such as the RCMP – DNA Databank and DND CFSSU Programs. She has just returned from 4 years in Doha, Qatar, where she worked on behalf of Sheikh Hamad bin Jabor Al Thani developing policies, procedures, process and labor guidelines.

She is passionate about people, the environment and the simpler ways.

I haven't had time to track down anything on the elder McPherson, but it would be interesting to find out what work she's done with the RCMP and federal government.

PPS. Although here's her linked in. Looks like she does HR.

PPPS. And has spoken out for gay rights and human rights (see towards bottom of page) in Qatar. Actually seems a fairly decent person.


Just the facts, please said...

So, if she was working in HR and for major clients like the government and the RCMP, this stuff about her daughter turning tricks at 13 for food and cigarettes in Vanier (a somewhat down at heel Ottawa neighbourhood) seems puzzling:

"McPherson has come a long way since being recruited as a prostitute from a Vanier playground.

She was only 13 when she started turning tricks for junk food and cigarettes, then money.

In a meeting with the Citizen while she was still working as an escort, she claimed one of her clients was a member of the Ottawa Police Service.

She also gave the Citizen a tour of the Vanier playground where it all began, and pointed out the hotels where she took money for sex."

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...

It does seem puzzling, doesn't it? But most MSM sources, including the one you link to, seem inclined say say the one is the other's mother.

A daughter runs away? Such things happen.

That relationship aside, its clear Christine was pretty deeply involved in the direction H2O Pros took (ie targetting First Nations). She had lots of prior experience with them, and according to her facebook page
...was interested in Mike Holmes, who has been dragged into this thing.

Exposing Dirty Secrets said...

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Christine McPherson said...

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Maria said...

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