Monday, March 07, 2011

Fox News North Spills On Their Delayed Launch!

The 24-hour news channel was set to launch in January but faced several startup challenges — including the recent resignations of several members of its Ottawa bureau.

Sources say the network also ran into renovation snags and the realization that it required more money than initially budgeted for a television operation.


Its international content will be purchased under contract with CNN, not Fox

By the way, I'm going to claim credit for this story, having being the first to note the delay here. Apparently, I'm the only one in Canada that bothered to wonder: Hey! What the fuck ever happened to Fox News North? Which bodes ill for them. And its the third pushback of their launch date, if you must know, from Jan. 2011 to 1st quarter 2011 to, for the time being, April 2011. But really who knows? Ezra says he's moved East and bought a house. I think he should have rented.


Prairie Kid said...

Everything would have been on time if only they recieved the same billion dollars a year from the public like the Liberal mouthpiece the CBC gets. It's amazing to me that Liberals seem to think it's alright for The Toronto Star and the CBC to push Liberal points of view and yet when there is another point of view it doesn't belong in the MSM.

double nickel said...

Shorter PK: Waaawaaawaaa.

Jymn said...

Very funny, Kid. Every time I turn on CBC I see some Conservative pol, Levant, Fatah, Flanagan or some National Post writer. Then we have Evan Solomon who stuffs his panels with right wingers like the Sunday morning US shows do. Liberal, my ass.