Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Bruce Carson

In the early 1980s, Carson was disbarred and served time in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of defrauding law clients.

The APTN did a great job with this story. Expect them to be defunded.


H7N9 Watch said...

"Expect them to be defunded."

I really, really wish I could believe this was just a joke.

Anonymous said...

What is the colour of cynicism? If you know, please colour me it.
The Conservatives recently passed a private members bill in an effort to force Indian Bands to reveal Chief's salaries,
If it weren't for APTN, Carson would've probably have gotten away with this scam, too.
It would've been just another hush-hush scam committed against First Nations, because really, who keeps tabs on how INAC spends its money? How much oversight of this department do the Conservatives actually provide, or is it just a funnel to greedy buggers looking to cash in on the Indian industry?

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Kinda stinks, doesn't it?

DragonForce said...

Bruce Carson is a complete ass - always has been, always will be. Whether we're talking about his personal life or his "professional" life, the verdict is the same - he is a slimeball. A disbarred lawyer, convicted of forging documents and defrauding clients of their hard-earned money AND a dead-beat dad with children from different marriages, most who want nothing to do with him and can you blame them? Let's not even begin to mention that he has this new "fiancee" with whom he is living who was a call girl who would "do anything" and before taking on that "high class" title, was a prostitute from the age of 13. As if that's not classy enough, he has this "fiancee" despite currently being married... All part of his slimeball existence. Hopefully, Carson gets what he deserves - a LOT more time in jail with NOBODY to support him or even care if he lives.

Maria said...

I dont have any idea about Bruce carson.

Maria[brown suit]