Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stockwell Slams Pakistan

...in Pakistan, as in many other countries, Islam is the only permissible religion. It is actually a matter of law. The legislated sanction can be death.

Hard to believe. Many of these nations are modern, well educated, high tech and global traders. Yet, they actually make it a capital crime to be Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, or any faith other than Islam.

How can they be so barbaric? And utterly ignorant about history.

Actually in the case of Pakistan, Stock dorks up his facts a bit. It is not illegal to be Christian in Pakistan. Yes. The Constitution discriminates against you. But merely being Christian does not appear to be a capital crime.


chris said...

Would that be the same Stockwell Day I read about here?
Hard to believe indeed.

Sixth Estate said...

Strangely, Brother Stockwell didn't detect any sort of paradox between his belief that Christianity is a capital crime in Pakistan and the admitted fact that Shahbaz Bhatti was a Cabinet minister in Pakistan.

Details, details...

WesternGrit said...

Stockwell Day is a loon.

This is what you get when you elect a gov't of incompetents - most of whom never cared to travel outside of Canada - much less their own home Provinces - before they were elected.

Worldliness and a formal education really should be a prerequisite for political office. We hold our bus drivers to higher accord (they need to pass several courses), we hold our teachers, sanitation workers, even roofers to higher requirements. Yet, its amazing that we'll let any illiterate, or anyone with such a demented and distorted world-view to run the country.

ridenrain said...

When do we take Dion's advice and attack Paksitan?