Thursday, March 03, 2011

Breakin' It Down For Nicholls: Why The "In And Out" Scandal WILL Stick

Gerry thinks it won't. He think's its too complex for Der Volk. But he's wrong: here's a couple of simple ways to explain it.

1)Two Conservative Senators, and two other party functionaries, are looking at slammer time.

2)Doug Finley, the party’s campaign director in 2006, may wind married to the convict with the most cigarettes.

Sorry, Gerry, I find this one really easy to explain. I'm expecting it to resonate, big time.


Tof KW said...

That and Oda (hopefully) being judged in contempt of parliament. That's easy explained too; she forged and lied about it.

Let the 2010 campaign begin...

Tof KW said...

Meant 2011, caffeine hasn't kicked in yet this morning. :)

Michael said...

So many "scandals" for the Liberal party to monger, just like all the other "scandals" that were supposed to be "The One", so little time........;

Man are the Liberals ever screwed this coming election.

utterlyuseless said...

Oda, Ouimet, In and Out hoosegow, Corporate welfare (between 2006 and the current budget, they have given 220 billion in corp tax cuts),planes,prisons,dumb on crime, indifference to democracy,arrogance,5 years of yelling and squabbling, environment,international reputation, security council NOT, hate the bastards, hate em all.

Tof KW said...

So many "scandals" for the Liberal party to monger

More like so many scandals the attack ads practically write themselves.

And once the writ is dropped the CPC will have have to abide by election spending rules ...or not, but that will just prove the LPC's attack ads are spot on!

Robert McClelland said...

Gerry is right because progressives in this country are fucking stupid.

There is no in and out scandal. Some Conservative MPs did not transfer money from the party to themselves back to the party through the rafters, over the bleechers across the parking lot nothing but net. Oops, sorry. Got lost in all that technically boring drivel.

What happened is that Harper cheated but you'd never know that. Google "Harper cheated"...nothing.

Harper cheated, he corked his electoral bat, his team was on electoral roids, will resonate with voters. But progressives are too fucking stupid to lay it out to voters in simple terms like that.

So while the media may make great hay over this, the average voter will yawn, move on and forget about this nonsense that involves transferring money that wasn't there's or something like that.

bigcitylib said...

Robert is having a bad day.

WhigWag said...

BCL: the other two were not just "functionaries," but the CEO & CFO of the CPC at the time

RM: we can't say that because there's no proof, and Harper's king of the SLAPP suits. Finley's already carrying water for him tweeting that he was out of the loop on that (and calling anyone who thinks otherwise: "idiots")

But here's the short v:

The Conservatives cheated on the election by buying too many attack ads, and conspired to get taxpayers to pay for most of that by submitting fraudulent invoices to get $800,000 in rebates for its candidates.

Mark Francis said...

People! Why stick to the details?

1. The Cons cheated! (They broke rules built around fair play in elections.)

2. The Cons tried to steal public money! (Had EC not caught the In and Out crap, affected EDAs would have received 50% public rebates on the funds spent)

3. Harper is responsible! (He's the guy on top, and his own ads say the Cons are Him!)

Real simple. Let the Cons haggle details. No one will care.

Tie all this into Harper's huge democratic deficit, and bingo.

Ford won Toronto using two words ('gravy train') and pure BS. Learn from it.

Tof KW said...

Mark, that was BCL's point with this post. It's quite simple:

*Conservatives broke election spending laws.

*Senior CPC officials are facing jail time.

*On top of this they tried ripping off taxpayers.

And yes let the ReformaCon-victs try to go into details to explain.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Guess I was right.