Friday, March 25, 2011

Run Away!

As the Conservative's minority government in Ottawa stands on the brink of collapse, the Abbotsford-Mission Times has been told the federal NDP is not seeking an election.

Talk of a federal election began heating up this week, however David Murray, the NDP candidate for the Abbotsford riding for more than a year, told the Times the his party will choose not to bring down the minority Conservatives, despite rejecting the budget that was tabled on Tuesday.

I don't believe it, but just in case, some mood music:


ridenrain said...

Someone didn't read the e-mail.
On the flip side, Liberal candidate Mark Bruneau in Jeanne-Le Ber already has the election signs up.

Gayle said...

Linda Duncan is calling around asking people to put her signs up too.

How can the NDP possibly back down now? I really don't think they will.

ridenrain said...

Maybe Jack wants to be leader of the coalition?

Jerry Prager said...

Ridenrain: The only coalition that matters is the coalition of VOTERS that has kept Canada as a liberal democratic nation since the defeat of RB Bennett's corporatist government in 1935.

rockfish said...

Did anyone read the full story? It goes on to note 'The coalition government, led by Michael Ignatieff...'
Was that just to put the fear of sedition into the rank and file in Abbotsford/Mission, or are the young pup reporters these days totally devoid of facts? Perhaps he read it on twitter, so it must be true.