Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ezra Levant: King Of Tut Tut

And, of course, QMI's mighty chair-hunter, Brian Lilley, reports it. Pretty low, even for these two.


Jymn said...

It's no mistake the Sun sizes its paper so that one can hold it in one hand while holding a donut in the other. Enough said.

Holly Stick said...

At the time of the Atwood/FNN kerfuffle, didn't Levant or someone at the Sun write that Atwood had called Sun readers illiterate, and then was careful to explain that meant they could not read?

WhigWag said...

Cripes, they've been running articles on this all week... the latest by the suck & blow hole himself. So, turns out the email was sent at 2:30 pm. Which is coffee break time, for the 8-4 gov't worker. I.e., his free time.

But Mr. Free Speech on everything else doesn't see that way, characterizing it as an official gov't communication on govt time.

Agreed, it was dumb to do, to send it via a gov't email account, but the Sun requires Facebook logons to make comments, now, & the govt's firewalls would probably block that or even a hotmail account page to email Levant directly (as he did), if the fellow even had one.

Anonymous said...

This guy send an e-mail using his work e-mail, and he calls Sun readers stupid?