Friday, March 25, 2011


Apparently, neither Layton nor Harper stuck around for Peter Milliken's final speech. Harper's obviously being a dick, but what I'm hearing about Jack Layton is he snuck off for a quick bit o' knee surgery.

But he'll be OK!


Michael said...
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bigcitylib said...

Link please.

Michael said...

This was what I saw and went on -

But upon further research I now realize that they are actually British soldiers. Though it doesn't lessen the impact of such a trajedy, I have to say sorry to you personally for being wrong about the soldier's nationalities.

rabbit said...

Yeah, well, there's two wars going on, and Harper is head of government - a full time job even without attending parliament.

And Ignatieff has one the worst (the worst?) attendance record of any MP.

Gene Rayburn said...

shorter Rabbit: he hit me first!