Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In Politics, The Tube Rules

My favorite bit from Kenney's now infamous memo, in which the CPoC considers an ad buy in the ethnic media:In other words, if you're reading this, you are participating in a side-show.


R. G. Harvie said...

"..if you're reading this, you are participating in a side-show."

Well. Uh, yeah.. I don't think us bloggers are nearly as significant as we like to think :)

rockfish said...

But at least we know that the likes of ridofbrain, wilsop et al aren't getting too much of the in-and-out stolen money, being cheap and all...
Or perhaps the fact that forged invoices allows the CONs to 'fundraise' from a different till makes it 'cheap' to them.

R. G. Harvie said...

In and Out "stolen" money?

You'll have to explain that to me.. my understanding is they used money donated to the party, but spent too much? Or am I missing something?

Holly Stick said...

They claimed rebates to which they were not entitled. That money came out of taxpayer's pockets. I consider that to be theft.

crf said...

What kind of sheltered world do you live in R.G. Harvie?

You don't know that the Cons got the government to rebate a large percentage of the money they spent by misreporting who expended the money (reporting it as a rebatable local campaign expense, rather than, more appropriately, a national party expense)?

They didn't want to report it as a National expense, because they planned to reach the allowable limit for the National party.

That is the heart of the in-out scheme!

How can you NOT KNOW THIS, R.G. Harvie?

Elections Canada ruled that the money supposedly spent on the local campaigns, was in fact spent by the national campaign. Elections Canada found that the National Campaign overspent. The Cons took elections Canada to court, and the Federal Court ruled againt the Conservative party.

Here are some Lieberal Biased Sources:

Hail Steve The Great and Just!