Friday, March 04, 2011

On The Credibility Of Polls

This one has the McGuinty Libs and Hudak Tories virtually tied in Toronto.

And if you question the credibility, its by Forum Research who, according to their own website, conduct more than 600,000 surveys each year, or over 1,600 every day. So you know they can be trusted.

And, oh hey! This is the same company that puts Rob Ford's approval rating at 60%. But they do 1,600 of these suckers every 24 hours. They did 300 before you even ate breakfast. So who are you to doubt their authority?

h/t. PS. No, we're not married. Sometimes our interests converge. That's all.

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CanadianSense said...

The election for Mayor was over in 8 minutes?

Is it possible the Mayor could ask a few thousands voters to shift away from the Liberals if they don't fix the day-care subsidy, cooperate on a few key items for $ 150 million?

As I said earlier Dalton is making a BIG mistake picking a fight with the newly elected Mayor in Toronto.

Dalton is drawing attention to his $ 18 billion deficit is NOT good retail politics months before the campaign.