Monday, March 14, 2011

Michael Coren Turns Down Fox News North

I was offered a show but have chosen to stay at CTS, where I am producer as well as host. I have agreed to appear at least 3 times a week on Sun tv as a commentator and write two columns a week. Best of all worlds really.

Too bad for FNN; Michael's a jolly host. So far, though, I find the people who Kory and Co. have recruited/attempted to recruit quite lacking in surprises.

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Skinny Dipper said...

First, I may seem cynical, but I think money has partly to do with Coren turning down Faux News North.

I also think that Coren has a steady position at CTS. He is unlikely to be fired if his short term ratings are that strong so long has his long term ratings hold up.

Next, while Coren holds strong conservative views, he is not apologist for the Harper Conservative Party. If Coren went to Faux News North, he would need to wonder if he would need to be a cheerleader for the Harper régime.