Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet Mark Spiro

...Tim Hudak's Campaign Manager. A few bon mots:

On when Tim Hudak and the PCPO will tell Ontarions what platform they will govern under, should they be elected this fall:

“When are we going to document our platform in a piece that documents all our policies, soup to nuts? The answer to that is, when we feel like it.”

Hudak commented on this bit that Spiro was saying Ontarians already know what to expect from a Hudak government. Soup and nuts, apparently. Oh yeah, and more nuclear generators. Lotsa and lotsa new nuclear generators. Location to be determined sometime in the future, but maybe coming to a town near you.

Anyway, here's Mark on journalists:

He said journalists need details of party policy documented because they are otherwise too lazy to discover them.

“The only people who are demanding our policy at the moment in a booklet form, where it’s simple and easy and they don’t have to do any work, (are journalists), because they want to take the opportunity to shoot at it. Journalists do not want to discover what Tim Hudak’s policy is. Journalists want to discover if there is a typo or semicolon in the wrong place,” Spiro told the audience.

OK, he's maybe got a point, but isn't it a bit early for the Hudak Tories to declare war on The Press? You do that after you get into power, and things start going to crap on you.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Mr. Spiro has a conspiracy pet theory:

“Many of you may have heard of the Campaign for Working Families (sic). This is an external, we believe illegal, Liberal front group,” Spiro said, who later corrected himself and said he was referring to the Working Families Coalition (WFC).

“It has one purpose only, and that is to stop Tim Hudak from being premier of Ontario. These people don’t operate under the normal license of good behaviour. They’ll say things about Tim that you all know are completely untrue, you will know to be lies and they won’t care

This, of course, isn't true, but Hudak's down with it, and in the past Randy Hillier has used the WFC example as the inspiration for a few minor attempts at union busting.

Hmm. Maybe Mr. Spiro is revealing a little more of the Hudak platform than he intended...


Anonymous said...

Shorter Mark Spiro: The Hudak Tories stand for paranoia.

Maria said...

I dont have any idea about Spiro

Maria[brown suit]