Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Standing Up To Enbridge

Not the Calgary Herald, who pulled their own story on the "Myhaircares" hoax within hours of posting it. Nevertheless, there's still a good account here. Contrast that with this:
And to cheer you up after this display of gutlessness from the truth-tellers in the MSM, here's the hoax video. The Yes Men do this kind of thing really, really well.

PS. My bad. Holly points out in the comments that the story can still be found here.


Holly Stick said...

I found this by searhing the Herald website. It has different numbers in the website address; maybe the headline was changed or something?

Holly Stick said...

Same link with a bouple of line returns:

bigcitylib said...

Whoopsie. My bad. Will have to correct when blogger is working better.

sassy said...

Hair hoax angers Enbridge from the Calgary Herald