Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Signs Re Upcoming Gun Registry Vote

Bad sign number 1:

Jill Fairbrother, spokesperson for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, said private member's bills are traditionally free votes and she does not expect this one will be any different.

Bad sign number 2:

Why is the chair of the Liberal National Caucus supporting the Harper government's Reform Party wet dream of repealing the long gun registry?

North Bay MP Anthony Rota told La Presse Canadienne today that he said he would back Tory efforts to strip law enforcement of a useful public safety tool.

You know, most of the Lib. flip-flops, the sellouts and the prevarications, haven't been terribly harmful just because the Tory's minority position has kept the stakes so small. But a successful repeal of the gun-registry, even if executed through the back door of a private member's bill, would accomplish two things: 1) the Tory base would forgive every previous transgression--the wild spending, the Que. nation stuff, and 2) the Liberal base would ask WTF? Do these people stand for anything anymore? At what point does pragmatism become intellectual and moral vacuity?

The first vote on C-391 is on November 4th.


Anonymous said...

The liberals who support C-391 know that it's the right thing to do. It will also show the divisions in the liberals and NDP parties. Once that happens more criticism will emerge on Mr.Ignatieff. This would be bad news especially with only days be for the by-election. So it will be interesting to say the least;)

Proud Canadian

rww said...

BTW this vote would just send the bill to Committee for consideration. A long way to go yet, including the Senate.

bigcitylib said...

I do understand that. Is there any likelihood it will be whipped at any point later on? A number of NDPers seem to think this baby is going all the way.

Gayle said...

Not the right thing to do. Not at all.

Sadly, there is no place else for the LPC base to go, what with the position the NDP are taking on this.

The police chiefs should be saying something right now - loud and clear.

Jim said...

Considering that the association of chiefs gets a bunch of funding from the major software contractor for the registry, I would take anything they have to say as biased.

As a beat cop what he thinks of the registry and the info contained within.

Gayle, I am afraid you have been sold a bill of goods that is false and defective.

A Eliz. said...

Is this not part of the gun registry only, that deals with farmers, and their long guns?

Gayle said...

Ahh yes, the mythical beat cop who hates the gun registry.

It is so cute the way opponents rely on imaginary people to support their argument.

The police use the registry as an onvestigative tool. I would highly doubt the majority of them would want to lose that tool.

Jim said...

Gayle said...
Ahh yes, the mythical beat cop who hates the gun registry.

It is so cute the way opponents rely on imaginary people to support their argument.

The police use the registry as an onvestigative tool. I would highly doubt the majority of them would want to lose that tool.

It isn't a myth, you arrogant cow.

Tell you what, for every beat cop that you can find that uses the registry info as an ivestigative tool, I will find you one that thinks the registry is useless.

BTW, do you work, or have any sort of life away from being a lefty stooge on the internet? You seem to post everywhere...always with the same smug arrogance.

Gayle said...


You were the one who asserted that "abeat cop" would agree with you. When called on that assertion you call me an "Ignorant cow" and demand I prove it is not true.

See, here is your problem - although people like you talk about this mythical police officer, the only place I ever hear about them is through anonymous people on blogs. If you want to rely on "beat cops" supporting the registry, then you are going to have to show some evidence they do so.

Here is some advice - attacking me does not prove you are right. In fact, it rather makes you look like you know you are wrong, and that you actually think attacking me will disguise the fact you have nothing to with which to back your argument.

Try again.

Anonymous said...

Common Jim arrogance by the left? Didn't you know they invented it? I've been trying to understand these peoples for years,it's useless! They are right and everyone else is wrong. You also get insulted when we disagree with them.

Gayle said...

PC - if Jim had any evidence that the majority of beat cops want to dissolve the registry, don't you think he would have posted it by now?

Jim said...

Sorry, I am late back to this thread.

Gayle, you ignorant lefty hack...the reason that rank and file cops do not speak up about their distrust of the registry is simple.

They have no voice. But as you are probably a union leech, you probably know this.

If a rank and file member dared to speak out against the assc of chiefs, it would be ruinous to their career...or worse.

They are out there, and in vast numbers.

The registry is an expensive sham that eats up more money every year than is put aside for cancer research.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I to mine.

My opinion is that you are a close-minded, paid operative of the Liberal party, not to mention a condesending, smarmy cow who couldn't contribute to a valid discussion if your life depended on it.

You are almost a female TiGuy...another useless piece of leftist shit.

Gayle said...

"They are out there, and in vast numbers."

How do you know? According to you, they have "no voice". Are they communicting to you telepathically?

"You are entitled to your opinion, and I to mine."

True. Mine is based on readily discernable facts and your is based on some mythical person you cannot prove actually exists.

Clearly you are frustrated by your inability to convince anyone through insulting them instead of producing evidence you are correct. Must have been hard for you when you graduated from junior high.