Friday, October 02, 2009

Tories, Liberals Same Old Story (Both Flog Porn)

Alberta Conservatives want you to hunt the "Fleshjack"--Federal Libs want you to buy the "Fleshlight".

Why can't we all just get along? (I've looked at 'em and they might actually be the exact same sex toy)

PS. And the NDP just wants you to fondle their pamphlets. They're still wondering what mystery why lies beneath a woman's corset.


Ti-Guy said...

My favourite is still the stock photo that was used for both a Conservative ad and a porn site.

It's always funnier when it happens to the Cons, though, since they're all a bunch of sexually-obsessed hypocrites.

bigcitylib said...

Who's worse, though, them or the NDP? NDP are allowed to screw, but only in those positions outlined in Vol 4 of Das Capital.

Ti-Guy said...

but only in those positions outlined in Vol 4 of Das Capital.

Ah, yes..the unfinished volume four...eventually published as My Body, My Means of Production.

Reality Bites said...

They are the same toy - Fleshlight is the name used to market it towards straight men, Fleshjack for gay men.

I'm not sure if bisexual men are obligated to buy two.

My guess is that the two names are used so that people surfing to the site for the name they know aren't bombarded with pictures that will take their mind far away from sexual stimulation.