Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bring Me The Head Of Tony Clement

Industry Minister Tony Clement contradicts the PM's claim that he doesn't watch Canadian News Shows:

"I'm sure he does" watch Canadian news, Clement said outside the House of Commons.

Told of Harper's assertion, Clement was frankly skeptical.

"We're news junkies, all of us are. Come on. You know what we're all about."

Junior Minister Peter Kent, despite his incredulity at the PM's statement, was smart enough to stand down when pressed:

"Well, I've never sat with him but I assume that he ..."

Kent then ran away screaming and making the sign of the cross.

Later, the PM was seen drinking the minister Clement's blood from a Tim's coffee cup.


Ti-Guy said...

Jason Kenney:

"I think the prime minister is too busy to sit there being vainglorious and watching himself on TV..."

What a load. Harper's never on Canadian news. He's on American news. That's why he watches it. He *is* that vainglorious.

Prairie Kid said...

That's all you got? Now it's "Media-Gate"? I guess when the economy is doing well and the polls show Conservatives are hitting all the right buttons with many Canadians you have to try to make something out of nothing.

bigcitylib said...

So have Harper engineer his own defeat, PK. See where all the love goes then.

Ti-Guy said...

That's all you got?

He's says, for the millionth time.

CanadianSense said...

BCL, could it have been a joke, poking fun at Alan Gregg and the Canadian News establishment?

Perhaps you should stop parsing every word for the "holy grail" in the machinations of SH.

I suspect you have much bigger problems in your own backyard.

Omar said...

I love that fat bastard admits he watches American news programing. That it's probably Fox News makes it all the more hilarious. Keep speaking off the cuff Mr Prime Minister, it brightens these dreary fall days.

RuralSandi said...

Hmmm....he's too busy doing photo-ops so that his picture can be plastered everywhere and anywhere to watch TV.

If he watches US TV it must be upsetting to him that they never mention him or Canada (other than trash our health care, etc.). Perhaps that's why he did interviews - saying look at me, look at me.