Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Perspective

$108,000: 1 hour Tory propaganda fest.

$27,000: Keeping Trade Minister Stockwell Day safe on his nine day mission to the Czech Republic and India.

If they'd managed to trim even that $8,000 off their economic update they probably could sent Ole Stock on a quick side-trip to Bhutan.


Reality Bites said...

Well in all fairness, BCL, 26 of the 27 thousand was spent explaining to Czechs and Indians who Day was in order to create the possibility of a security risk.

Tof KW said...

If you think the Cambridge announcement was bad, wait 'til we get the bill for sweater-boy's little adventure on on the Irving's full-sized model railroad for that last economic update in St John. I'd love to know how much EAP money was given to the Irvings during Steve's little train trip. Looking forward to Sheila Frasier's &/or Kevin Page's reports, once they get past Harper & Co’s attempts to obfuscate the numbers that is.