Friday, October 30, 2009

Court Condemns Canadians To Ongoing Stream Of Far Right Drivel!

An Ontario judge has approved a proposal by CanWest Global Communications Corp. (CGS-T0.24----%) to shift its flagship National Post newspaper to a subsidiary that contains the company's other newsprint assets, such as the Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen.

Had this not gone through, the paper that budgies won't crap on, that dead fish refuse to be wrapped in, would have folded at the end of today.

Although I'm glad for David Akin.


Ti-Guy said...

I said yesterday I wouldn't celebrate prematurely.

I'm not quite clear how the case was made that this move will make any kind of difference, but then I don't know what this...

"The newspapers have numerous shared services contracts among them, which result in cost savings for the print subsidiary."

...really means. I'm pretty sure The National Post can't be run any more cheaply.

Oh well. Since CanWest's newspaper division is expected to file for creditor protect soon as well, I guess trying to make sense of all of this is probably a waste of time. Maybe they're all just hoping for a better seller's market for newspapers.


John Prince said...

Had this not gone through, the paper that budgies won't crap on, that dead fish refuse to be wrapped in, would have folded at the end of today.

Probably would have been best if it did, for those of us who are 'not' of the far-right persuasion.

/btw I 'LOVED' how you put that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Don Martin is a far right columnist? Is he aware of this?

CanadianSense said...


not having a premature reaction, hard to believe.

Darn lawyers protecting their branded products...hard to imagine.

TG fyi they have products to help with your problem btw. goodluck

Ti-Guy said...

I'd feel flattered if CanadianSense's spermy allusions were crafted just for my own benefit, but basically he writes that comment hundreds of times a day, at every Liberal blog he trolls.

Make yourself useful, Crackpot. Explain what sense this shift makes.

RuralSandi said...

Perhaps it's just a case of the judge wanting to let them try anything to save all those jobs. they have staff? Seems they use right wing BT bloggers to write articles - judge aware of this?

Ti-Guy - looks like CS is trying to push your buttons again.

Gene Rayburn said...

someone hand CS a box of Kleenex!

Ti-Guy said...

CS's comment is just so stupid, since I indicated yesterday that I'd celebrate the demise of The National Post when it actually happened.

That's not usually how people who are given to premature reactions behave.

Mitka said...

Hate to say I told you so

CanadianSense said...


Hakun matata its all good here. You?

I am busy being impressed the Liberal Juggernaut posting those incredible financial numbers for Q3.

Look like Rossi may need some references soon. His total numbers are up but his average is down 30-33% for small donation 20-200 and his big donations avg is down nearly 10%.

Cheer up I am sure 4th qtr will be better.

Anonymous said...

I am busy being impressed the Liberal Juggernaut posting those incredible financial numbers for Q3"

Hey, that must be a new oxymoron . . .

"Liberal Juggernaut"

That's a good one.

Ti-Guy said...


Right wing propaganda rag, created by right wing robber baron, now in jail, goes tits up. Associated right wing media empire billions of dollars in debt, dying.


Look at Liberal Party munees! Haw Haw Haw...*drool*

Synthesis: Right wing media causes brain damage.

meddy said...

Perhaps the judge accepted this because they are removing some debt from an entity they no longer control & and assuming it where they still run things [for the time being]

Perhaps these guys will get some cash --

Rev.Paperboy said...

Well, it's official - the court has now ruled that the National Toast can take the rest of the old Southam chain down with it. Au revoir Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Province, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal et al. All so the Aspers can continue the conservative tradition embraced by Conrad Black of throwing good money after bad to try to get the government to do what they want.

wilson said...

The National Post was never at risk of closing down.
That should have been obvious when they went into agreement with CBC on Oct 1....just wishfull thinking and maufactured gossipy stories for the media wanting to scoop up the Post's market share.

''CBC and National Post announce content sharing agreement

TORONTO, Oct. 1 /CNW/ - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the National Post today announced an agreement which will allow both organizations to share content across their respective media platforms. The agreement is effective immediately.''

CanadianSense said...


the left are having a terrible month, we should let them have some hope. (Even if borders on delusional)

Ti-Guy said...

Wilson and CS...69 each other somewhere else. This is a family blog.

CanadianSense said...


interesting request is it possible you should hit "T" by mistake in your name with "B"?

Just an observation after your numerous comments about fluids and positions.

Is MI photogenic?