Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Good Bit Of News

MONTREAL — The woman at the centre of the Denis Coderre controversy [Nathalie Le Prohon] says she’s undeterred by it and remains committed to running for the Liberals in the next federal election.

Not sure they deserve her, but...

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CK said...

Yes, Nathalie LeProhon should be heavily marketed: no question. After reading her brief bio at Concordia's Alumus site, she has an impressive resume.

She also showed class when she, herself decided to allow the Outremont riding nomination open & that she run for Jeanne Le Ber, a riding that has fluctuated over the years since departure of Liza Frulla. Held by Bloc now, but not a strong performance. I think she can easily take it. Certainly a better chance for her at Jeanne Le Ber than Outremont.
Cauchon is better suited for Outremont. Mulcair is very popular there & will prove difficult to unseat. Cauchon, having had that riding for 11 years is the best shot for Liberals to take back Outremont.
If Cauchon succeeds in taking Outremont, I think we should watch for him: he could be a contender to lead the party.
Coderre, unfortunately has no shot at ever being PM.