Monday, October 05, 2009

The Past Is Future, Or Something

We all know what happened to this avid pianist.

(Well, he died, eventually, but I mean before that.)


PS. Is anyone else having trouble with blogger labels?


Frank said...

Fifty years on and Jack Parr is still the coolest. And I'll bet he didn't boink the help. But who was the other guy?

Mike said...

I could care less is Harper can play the piano. He's still an authoritarian prig and proto-fascist scum bag.

Gene Rayburn said...

Frank, are you on geriatric crack? Your comment makes no sense at all.

Gerrard787 said...

Just wondering, does the visiting professor play any instruments?

Ti-Guy said...

Not nearly as well as you play the skin flute, eh Mr. Sunstrum?

Ha ha ha!

...anyway, apparently all those drugs in the 60's really have taken their toll on some aging hippies.