Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things That Won't Happen But Which, Perhaps Perversely, I Would Like To See Happen

Marc Lemire has asked to be invited to appear before the Committee. His story should jolt them out of the fog Lynch laid down.

That's this Mark Lemire, and the Committee is The Standing Committee On Justice and Human Rights which is examining the hate speech clauses in Canada's Human Rights Act.

I would particularly like to see a picture of Tory MP and Committee member Brent Rathgeber shaking Lemire's hand.

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Ti-Guy said...

You can tell by reading loser Jay Currie's post that he has never had to represent anything more complicated than a lemonade stand. He thinks Lynch's performance on Monday (which I watched yesterday and...with the exception of the techno-illiterate Conservative MP from St. Albert, Brent Rathgeber's...Jawohl!...incoherent babbling, was really boring) was evasive because she was reluctant to be drawn into defending the calumnies he and his smelly band of pathological liars have repeated endlessly.

I don't want any more of these derelicts sitting in committee rooms in Parliament. Other people have to sit down on those chairs.

The one the Robber Baron's catamite parked his fat arse on the other day had to be thrown out, or so I've heard.