Friday, October 09, 2009

Tory MP Twitter Account Highjacked

Tory MP Royal Galipeau, from sometime last night:
Or was it? A few hours later:
Wasn't me. How would you do something like that? Guess at his password? I'd advise Mr. Galipeau to change a few of his settings, at least.


maplestar said...

My guess? Galipeau's Twitter account is actually posted to by a staffer. Staffer has a personal Twitter account, as well as the one (s)he operates for Galipeau. While drunk or otherwise inattentive, staffer posts to MP's account instead of his/her own. Voila!

Ti-Guy said...

"MinJK." Or as I refer to it..."Minge."

buckets said...

maplestar's explanation is the best. The other one, of course, is that Gallipeau posted it and then changed his mind -- making some excuse necessary.

Otherwise, Gallipeau should be contacting the RCMP: this kind of hacking is a serious offence.

Niles said...

I dunno. If there's a meme at online websites, it's the hoary excuse for bad behaviour sent from a 'chat' account to a public forum about how some young/drunken/malicious sibling/friend/ex was the one who 'hacked' the account to spew *always* stupid and/or vitriolic outbursts.

It's so often the 'hacked' account member themselves trying to scrape cat litter over the backlash by claiming they were in church when the incident happened, it's an automatic cynicism when hearing protests of innocence.