Sunday, October 18, 2009

Steve V Rocks The Gov.

As Imp points out, links from the Canada's Action Plan website to various social media sites, including the infamous youtube clip of Harper shredding the Beatles, now dead-end at an "under construction message". All of which can be traced to this post at Steve V's Far and Wide, in which Steve revealed that the Government of Canada had used an official website to highlight PM Harper's piano playing stunts. Thanks Steve, a weary nation turns its bleeding ears to you.

But: next time a Tory spokesman tells you this is all trivial, point out that they felt it was harmful enough to their brand and image that they used the taxpayer's dollars to pay someone to come in on the weekend and scrub their website.


CanadianSense said...

That sounds a little arrogant do you think?

Alsandor said...

Did anyone even think to ask to see his Musicians' Union card to make sure he was a paid up member in good standing?

Ti-Guy said...

Where's Neil to explain to the rest of us that the web site will look odd...ODD I TELLS YA!...without the social networking links that we demand from government web sites?

I know when I'm looking for the nearest health office, I'm also looking for an opportunity to see a YouTube clip of someone's dog falling down the stairs.

CanadianSense said...

Is David going ask the Ethics Commissioner to investigate his brother Dalton for the same?

Terry 1 said...

Canadian nonsense, the only arrogance here is your continued stupidity on these sites.

I sense a new momentum building for the Libs and the opposition in general.

There's another news relaease out on CP talking about a quebec Toty senator caught in basic influence peddling and conflict of interst.

Keep em coming boys and girls.

CanadianSense said...

Terry Parnel

you made the exact same claim about Martin, Dion and now Iffy.

Remember your prediction on Greenshift? Great track record.

That worst polling numbers in 100+ years is part of the "plan" right?

Ti-Guy said...

There's another news relaease out on CP talking about a quebec Toty senator caught in basic influence peddling and conflict of interst.

This story.

Tory Senator on payroll of company that won infrastructure contract

What a bunch of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Seems like we're all overreacting to all this Tory branding of our money. Del Maestro told Craig Oliver several times today that there was only one instance of Conservative branding of stimulus cardboard cheques.

Tof KW said...

The more that Harper apologists like CanadianSenseless here keep spewing that there's nothing to the CPC pork-barrel politics spectacle (& keep trying to change the channel) ...the more I know this must be really hurting them. The media have finally caught on to this and the dirt is now getting out.

The biggest insult to a conservative is to call them a dirty liberal, which is exactly what Harper & co. have become.

PS - nice try with McGuinty & E-health but;
a) there are no ties to them and the OLP, unlike the very real links between Mike Harris, Ernie Eves and their business friends buying crown corporations and assets, and
b) this is totally unrelated to the story here ...meaning you're trying to change the channel. Just like the Wizard of Oz saying 'pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.'

Tof KW said...

Did I see someone mention Dean DelFatso? The guy acting as a lobbyist for a private developer, and encroaching on municipal jurisdiction to self-promote himself? The guy who spend how much of our taxpayer dollars on a poll to persuade Peterborough to sell land to his private developer buddies to build high $$$ condos and an IMAX theatre on beautiful wooded lakeside property? The guy who is one of the biggest partisan hacks the CPC has on the hill?

If Del Maestro says the media is over-reacting, that proves they have more digging to do.

CanadianSense said...


so tell us how your really feel about Del..

Ti-Guy said...

If Del Maestro says the media is over-reacting...

If Del Mastro opens his mouth to say anything, try to avoid the spray of veal Oscar bits.

Tof KW said...

...and I thought I was being reserved :)

Honestly, Del Maestro is one of the few people that can give Rob Anders some competition in the 'Worst MP on the Hill' award.

Saskboy said...

After I saw the "Action Plan" log on a 10%er the other week, I knew the Conservatives had lost all shyness about using the government as their own piggy bank. It's now their god given right.

Terry 1 said...

This a nicely done article on the Harpo sleaze which is now on display and getting more and more headlines. kinsella has about 25 links to various news outlets who have headlined it.

The article basically calls Harpo a liar and his minions thugs. All in nice prose and very well organized.

As an example:
But the Conservative response consists exclusively of three types of falacies:

1. Ad hominem attacks (attacking the man saying the charge, not the charge itself). An example would be Transport Minister John Baird's empty retort that the Liberals are "up to political mischief."

2. Hasty generalizations. The best example is the Conservative response on the day Mr. Kennedy issued his report, in which they countered that the single example of the site where the announcement took place was not scheduled to begin immediately. Partially rebutting a single element of a thousand point charge does not address the charge.

3. Fallacies of exclusion. The Prime Minister's argument this week stands out as the best example of that.

Basically, in his statement, the Prime Minister was knowingly attempting to have the listener draw a false conclusion by presenting a purposely-crafted and biased data set as representative of the entire set.

In doing so, he was taking Canadians for fools.

RuralSandi said...

Did CanadianSense say something? I thought I heard a grunt.

CanadianSense said...


As a taxpayer who did NOT vote in favour of the EAP (Liberals did)

who am I apologizing for again?

I prefer smaller gov't less corporate welfare and less gov't spending.

You liberals can't say no to spending by ANYONE!

RuralSandi said...

Oh, another burp by CanadianSense.

Better get out your old music sheets and accordion - Harper's now giving us the Pork Barrel Polka

Steve V said...

Funny title :)