Friday, October 09, 2009

CARP Asks Dhalla Withdraw Bill C-428 To Prevent Anti-Immigrant Backlash

Their news release is here. The full letter requesting her bill be withdrawn is here. The government's earlier, back-lash fanning response is here.


Platty said...

Don Martin trying desperately to get into Ruby Dhallas pants is here


bigcitylib said...

If I Had a real column I'd probably try it too.

Ti-Guy said...

If you had a real column for a publication under bankruptcy protection, you mean.

Frankly, Don Martin should be trying to get into Ted Roger's pants. Oh, wait, he's dead. Maybe Ken Whyte's pants?

Who do National Posties have to blow these days to land their next sinecure?

Gayle said...

Don Martin is right.

ACSial said...

When Dhalla and Grewal introduced their actuarial armageddon bills, one fa├žade of the mass-immigration lobby--that we 'need' all of those people to keep the pension, OAS and Medicare systems solvent--finally fell off. The REAL reason for anual bulk imports of over 250,000 warm bodies (closer to 400,000, when illegal and 'temporary' immigration is factored in) is to keep the real estate bubble inflated. A growing population justifies housing and associated infrastructure (roads, schools) construction. Urban sprawl--what's that?

As for the 'anti-immigrant backlash', that happened long ago. A turning point in the public mood--especially in Toronto--was the 'Tamil Uprising'. Just how in the Hell did we end up with a QUARTER MILLION Tamils, in the GTA? AS Mark Steyn quipped, even if we wanted them, how did we get so many? Bill Blair's coddling of the Tamil protesters, Islamic terrorists and Jane & Finch's Jamaican gangsters--even while shaking down elderly Canadian gun owners for paper infractions--has helped along the 'immigrant backlash' even more than C428.