Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iggy Makes It Official

While we recognize that s. 13, as it is, may not strike the perfect balance, we do not believe that scrapping it entirely is the way to make a positive change. We do believe that we must continue to look into the right way to strike that balance and will continue to study this act.

Once again, thank you for your email and we look forward to hearing from you again in the future.


The Office of Michael Ignatieff, MP
Leader of the Official Opposition


austin said...

And hurting someone's feelings should not be either.

Gene Rayburn said...

um thought and speech are different there Prof X

austin said...

No they are not. If you do not like what someone has to say don't listen. People in this country should be free to hate whoever or whatever they want. People need to stop being so sensitive.

Robert McClelland said...

You are free to hate whoever you want. What you're not free to do is espouse hate speech. Now shut up and let the adults talk for a while.

Ti-Guy said...


That's correct, but with you, it probably hurts a lot though, eh?

austin said...

If your such a little girl that what someone says can make you cry whine and complain you have more problems then someone else's opinion.

Inciting violence is rightfully illegal but hating someone? Not in a FREE country.

RuralSandi said...

Hey, austin - I know of a kid 11 years old who committed suicide because he couldn't take the "hate" and bullying anymore.

Hate hurts and it also builds up.

Grow up.

austin said...

Ok ruralsandi now explain to me how section 13 would of saved that kid.

CanadianSense said...

Has Bob Rae agreed to MI's position?

Terrence C. Watson said...

Well, at least Iggy has taken a stance on something :-).

I really have my doubts that any party will be able to win if its platform includes scrapping Section 13.

The attack ads practically write themselves. It's no wonder Harper wants nothing to do with it.

Gene Rayburn said...

Austin, it is. Noone controls what you think but yourself. Well maybe not in your case. What you say is a completely different thing. Many people think hundreds of thoughts a day, some of which probably offend others. The government doesnt control that. That Austin, quite simply is something from the X Men.

Canadiansense, I hope you had the sense to bring some tissues for your latest iggywank.

Ti-Guy said...

The attack ads practically write themselves.

No kidding. All they have to do is quote the anti-section 13 zealots verbatim: "It's our right as Conservatives to hate anyone we choose. Hate is good. Hate is freedom. ALL HAIL HATE!!!"

Heh. Of course, the Liberals don't have the balls to do that, but still...

austin said...

It is not about love of hate it is love of freedom. There is something seriously wrong with a law that can bring someone like Mark Steyn and Mcleans in front of a tribunal on charges of hate speech for an artical that was backed up with facts just because it paints a bad light on a minority. You obviously have no idea the doors this will open to controling what we say.

Ti-Guy said...

It is not about love of hate it is love of freedom.

That's nice dear. Now go read a book. Any book. You're still free do that. Although you probably wish you weren't, since it would give you yet another reason to praise freedom instead of actually using it...which is like...really hard work!.

Terrence C. Watson said...


I wouldn't be so sure about the Liberals. Isn't Warren Kinsella still in an advisory position?

One would have to lack balls AND be an idiot not to take advantage of the opportunity, if it presented itself.

If I were advising, I might skip quoting the Speech Warriors and move right to the true Neo-Nazis (stop snickering! Shaidle isn't a Nazi!)

Show photos from Calgary Neo-Nazi rally. Quote Lemire, something juicy. Caption: "The Conservative Party wants to make it easier for these men to spread their hate. Over the Internet. To your children."

Then: "Don't let Stephen Harper gut the human rights act. Stand against hate speech, and support the party" -- insert Iggy photo here, maybe one with a clenched fist (there are many to choose from) -- "that is working to keep Canada a place where everyone is welcome." Commence fly through montage of various people (several children) of different ethnic backgrounds, etc.

"It's your choice." Flash last image of ethnic child on the screen. Then fade to a burning cross from a KKK rally (that might be a bit much.) Perhaps reverse the order.

"Paid for by the Liberal Party of Canada."

Obviously, I just threw the above together, and know nothing about marketing. I'm sure almost anyone, even Jack Layton, could come up with something better.

Or maybe not. I wonder if the Liberals would give me a job. No, not really.

austin said...

You take stuff rather personally there Ti-Guy.

Harry Abrams said...

You're a funny guy Terence.
Sincerely. And I write ad copy for a living.

Ti-Guy said...

You take stuff rather personally there Ti-Guy.


What I am is disturbed by people who worship a freedom they treat like garbage anyway and who spend more time screaming about how they're being oppressed than they do using that freedom to do something useful.

Like reading a book. Anyone who can't spell "article" needs to get the hell off the computer.

Terrence C. Watson said...

Happy Harry,

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Gayle said...

So. Austin, if you think the fact someone can be charged with something they are not guilty of means we should wipe out that charge, then you must think we should have no criminal code. A lot of people are charged with offences they did not commit - forcing them to hire lawyers to defend them while the complainant does not have to pay for a lawyer. Do you have an issue with our criminal justice system too?

Gene Rayburn said...

Sounds like Austin is a bit too influenced by the moronic haiku commenter of the NaPo - iaingfoulds.

Im sure there's a trailer on the edge of nutbarland there for you too Austin. They probably have senior citizen services so you can be a happy old man.

gus williams said...

Well in reality all crimes are I suppose "thought" crimes since you have to think about it before its committed. Hate crime is exactly the same. The issue (contrary to the made up stories Ezra and gang like to spread) is not one of being offended. I mean Ezra Levant offends everyday for goodness sake. No, its about pure hatred.

By the way a friend on Parliament Hill tells me that this Monday Jennifer Lynch, Dr. Richard Moon and the CJC will all be testifying before the Justice committee. The same committee that Ezra and Steyn addressed a couple weeks back. Should be interesting

Gene Rayburn said...

"Well in reality all crimes are I suppose "thought" crimes since you have to think about it before its committed."

Not really. That's called premeditation or conspiracy. Sometimes crimes are just a product of the moment. Think about drunk frat boys trashing a property. Do you think they sat around that night and planned it?