Friday, October 16, 2009

Whenever The Tories Close In On Their Majority can always count on Team Harper's On-Line Squad to fuck up royally.


Gerrard787 said...

My, have you people no sense of humour?

Only an already seething Liberal could take offense at something so innocuous.

Ted Betts said...


You are missing the point and it is starting to sink in for Canadians.

Every link there - youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. - leads to Say Anything Steve's personal page and whatever he is showing.

Is that appropriate? Or does that feed the established and verified theme that the Tories are using the stimulus to further their own re-election campaign?

- vast vast majority of infrastructure spending going to Tory ridings
- putting party logos and slogans on Government of Canada cheques
- making the EAP website about Harper and not the EAP with all of the Harper photos crowding out everything else, and doing so against the advice of the PCO as we now know. They have since been forced to pull down most of the photos.
- links on the EAP website leading to party websites

Add to that all of the other partisan games Harper has played, up to and including cancelling opposition days and Parliament altogether to avoid a vote of confidence.

Gerrard787 said...

Ted, if you think Canadians are in the mood for an election, then let the Liberals call one. They are the ones who started much of this foolishness with their "Fail, fail, fail" nonsense.

Harper is like a cat playing with an almost dead mouse; he's just having a little fun.

Robert McClelland said...

Only an already seething Liberal could take offense at something so innocuous.

I agree, Paul. After all, it's not like we're carrying on over something important like a bureaucrat expensing a pack of gum.

CanadianSense said...

Any wonder why the Liberals have dropped since September?

Blaming the CPC is not going work.

It is time to look at the past 4 years of what you did, how many times your cried wolf and voters have tuned you out.

Oversized cheques (FIP-violation) aside in not going to work.

The voters require a credible alternative. Can you tell me what has been done in proving the Liberals are credible?

Any detail or costing on anything in the past 10 months for an alternative (EI 360 excluded) to the CPC?

Why are the Lib blogs ignoring their own official party's Green Thrust Speech for FIP-logo violations?

Rather telling?

CanadianSense said...

Jack as leader of the NDP did see the cliff and took his foot off the gas pedal in demanding an election and saved the Liberals.

Jack has NOT gone down in the Polls or up. His party may lose 5-15 ridings and his wife may end up running for Mayor.

The Liberals owe Jack for his retail politics skill in selling the $ 1 Billion to long tenure employees.

Thanks Jack.

Ted Betts said...

Paul: Who said anything about an election. The Tories are using your and my taxpayer dollars for self-promotion. That is not only wrong, it is illegal. It is also the very thing Say Anything said he would stop as soon as he got into government. I guess he'll just say anything for power won't he.

CanadianNonsense: So let me see if I got your argument right. It's OK for the Tories to shovel pork for themselves, to abuse taxpayer money for their own ends, to lie about public finances because... in your view the opposition doesn't have its act together? THAT's the governing mantra of the Tories? How inspiring.

Ti-Guy said...

Speaking of fucking up, how about Liberal bloggers just start deleting the trolls so Ted Betts doesn't have to waste his time defeating their stupid arguments, a consequence they are completely indifferent to, since they'll just repeat the stupid argument the very next day anyway.

BCL and DeSmogblog should lodge a complaint against Paul Sunstrum of Calgary, Alberta (Paul S.) for cyber-harassment by the way. Not that it will do anything, but it'll be on record.

RuralSandi said...

Paul S said...
My, have you people no sense of humour?

Only an already seething Liberal could take offense at something so innocuous.

...NOT with my taxpayer monies, thank you very much.

Want info - you should be able to click directly into it. It's about INFO - not Harper.

Gerrard787 said...

Ted, if you think oversized cheques are a big enough issue to warrant an election, then I'd say Liberals are more out of touch then I thought. It's more then apparent that Canadians aren't presently in the mood for an election.

Earth calling Ti. What would you lodge a complaint against me for? Commonsense??

Ti-Guy said...

It's pointless. By insisting that these things are trivial, the trolls shift focus from the fact that this is just the latest example of a well-documented, multi-year campaign that has seen the Harper government steal what is probably well over a hundred million dollars now of public funds for political campaigning. It's not only been limited to these cheques and the ten-percenters, but includes government advertising (which is almost exclusively propagandistic and not informational), web redesigns and the vast amount of money spent on polling and focus grouping as well. It's conveniently been a source of needed advertising revenue for the media conglomerates, which probably explains whey we're not getting good reporting about this.

Anyway, the trolls have done this every time something like this has popped up. "Is this all you've Liberals got? Logos on giant novelty cheques? LMAO!"

Ti-Guy said...

Earth calling Ti. What would you lodge a complaint against me for? Commonsense??

In harassment complaints, the reasons for the harassment are immaterial.

And frankly, someone who persists in such harassment, over such a long period of time, cannot be accused of exhibiting a great deal of common sense. Quite the opposite, in fact.

CanadianSense said...

The "con-bots" don't outnumber the "looney left".

The Polls reflect mainstreet.

The Liberals are polling 25% for many reasons.

Blaming them again for FIP-violation will not work.

The Polls reflect the Liberal Party the disconnected leader and the election threats.

Gerrard787 said...

In harassment complaints, the reasons for the harassment are immaterial. - Ti

LOL again Ti. Sounds like you've been drinking the CHRC koolaid again.

First you have to have harassment occur before a complaint can be filed. Somehow I don't think posting an opinion different then your own vulgar worldview qualifies.

Anonymous said...

The link is there because this is the twenty first century and there's things thing called the Interweb and Web 2.0 and social networking tools are built into EVERYTHING now. So much, that sites look odd NOT having small links to various social networking devices.

There's even this really popular politician who does it on a much larger government website than Canada's Economic Action Plan: Yes. A Much Larger Government Site With Social Networking Links. Wow. Wha A Shocking Scandal.

CanadianSense said...


the problem is the party is in self-destruct mode and several partisans are very upset.

Many Liberal partisans drank the koolaid and believed MI was Trudeau. Some of them believed all they had to do was let Harper wear the recession and voters would return to the Liberal Party.

As a former liberal voter, they don't get it, and have not tried since the GST flip flop to fix the party. They deny the Red Book and the reason why we voted FOR the Liberal Party.

They keep waiting for those reform right wing nutbars to self destruct.

Ironically the Liberals have decided to self destruct before our eyes.

The MAJORITY reflects the anger towards the Liberal Party vs approval of the CPC.

Ti-Guy said...

I see the douches are still here.

Let me know when any of these dweebs say anything interesting.

Hey, Neil...your techno-exuberance makes a compelling argument.


Anonymous said...


It's the same damned thing Ti-Guy. Government website - links to YouTube. If you look closely enough, you'll see the US President doing something other than official duties on a lot of those videos.

You guy's have no case.

Ti-Guy said...

What does the US president have to do with this?

Anyway, you're conflating two spheres of activity here. What individuals and the private sector do and what our elected officials do, on our dime and only (theoretically at least) with our consent, are two entirely different things.

That is, unfortunately, another consequence of this, The Glorious Age of Information: pointless complexity that only leads to lack of focus and mass confusion. Since when is a government web site supposed to look like every other site on the Internet? Why would a government web site look "odd" if it didn't have all the other pointless gee-gaws, doo-dads and thing-a-majigs associated with...*urg*...Web 2.0?

Ti-Guy said...

First you have to have harassment occur before a complaint can be filed.

I think those people you've harassed have a case.

sharonapple88 said...

There's nothing wrong with having a link to the PM's personal youtube account on the government webpage on it's "Action Plan?" Seriously. We have to pretend that this isn't a bit of a misuse of government resources?

If the site was about the PM (like the US site someone brought up on "Presidential Action"), he could have buck-ass naked shots of himself a la Playgirl. That's sort of the point of something like that. It's not. It's the "Action Plan" site -- the thing that's suppose to help our economy during this downturn. What's the point of linking videos of him playing the piano? How is this in any way about the "Action Plan?" Will the whole thing fall apart if Harper doesn't get to play the piano?

If you want to use the point that the Liberals were just as bad.... Look, the Conservatives ran on the idea when they won their first election that they were going to be better than the Liberals. Saying you're just doing everything we did... you're sort of mudding up your own brand. Would anyone have voted for the Conservatives at that point that instead of change that they were going to get more of the same? But hey, they probably thought that they would be better when they went in. As they say, power corrupts. Interesting to see it in action.

wilson said...

Maybe here, the Gala link on the Government website, really gets yah mad,
but there are people that are not Harper-haters and might be interested in their Prime Ministers performance.
Like people in the arts, or school kids and Gramma's.
The site hit over 500,000 so there is interest out there.

Check out the GGs new site, it has video and photo links!!!!
OMG, there's even a link to the Prime dare she

Ti-Guy said...

Christ, the hag can't even spell "ya."

wilson said...

if you check out this Gov of Ontario website,
you'll see on the left hand side

'visit Premier McGuinty's website'
(and there are video links....)

wilson said...

And BC Gov home page has a
'Premier on-line' link,
left side, enter and see all the links! heh video

Maybe the LPC is not keeping up with the times?

RuralSandi said...

Ted, if you think oversized cheques are a big enough issue

......too funny coming from the right wing nuts that freaked out over a pack of gum that was proven in the end not to be paid for by taxpayers.

Sorry, cons - I don't want to look at Harper day in day out and I don't want to pay for it.

Amazing how the Cons lower their outrage standards when it comes to Harper - what suckers.

Holly Stick said...

David Akins has the Regina Leader-Post cartoon which is right on about ConScam; cheque it out!