Tuesday, October 27, 2009

See Protester Bleed

...right here.

Follow the video links here and you see Jeh Custer in the HOC with an honest to gawd wound on the bridge of his nose.

See him here, after his release, and the bleeding has stopped!

And now in his interview with Evan Solomon, and its BACK!

A wound that was definitely reopened. By whom? And what's CBC's responsibility here? It looks like a stunt on their part. Did they just tell the guy it'll be sexxxier if we film you while you're sitting there bleeding?


Robert McClelland said...

The blood is the exact same in all three pictures.

bigcitylib said...

Exactly the same. Isn't that weird?

Holly Stick said...

Actually it looks to me like more right under the nose during the Solomon interview. But the raw footage is too fuzzy to be sure.

In the raw footage at about 1:36 you can see the marks on his cheek and chin (before and after some too, but it's fuzzy.)

Holly Stick said...

I tried commented on the CBC post 6 or 7 hours ago and my comment has not appeared. A few comments near the end are from people who say he was there and the blood was there all the time.

CBC should apologize.

RuralSandi said...

This whole incident is getting like the balloon boy story - time to move on.

Evan Solomon is Canada's Wolfe Blitzer...like a kid chasing fire engines.

Frank said...

A typical leftist rent-a-mob replete with an NDP "political events coordinator" shows up and disrupts Parliament and Taliban Jack says he knew nothing. The CBC thrives on this stuff, for the rest of the country it's 'so what'.

Holly Stick said...

You can't be replete with one coordinator. Find a dictionary and read it.

Holly Stick said...

Still photos with blood and security guards. redman0380 posted the link at page 3 of comments to today's CBC blog post by Janyce McGregor.


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