Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Attack Ads Broke CBC Copyright

The Conservative Party has not asked to CBC / Radio-Canada permission to use its content for its latest advertising campaign, a political offensive launched this week and includes excerpts of the broadcaster in three ads.

That's a google translation of what's through the link. Looks like the CPoC used CBC footage without asking. Wouldn't surprise me if these new ads never get aired. Who knows if that was ever the intention?

Update: Here it is in English. Bring on the calls to defund the CBC.


BlackRedVixen said...

I can hear Harper now sayin' "I make the rules"

Kev said...

Why pay for airtime when the networks will give you free airtime on their so called news progamming

Zorpheous said...

don't you guys get it, Steven Harper writes the cheques to the CBC, therefore he owns it, therefore it is his intellectual/copyrighted material.

Zorpheous said...

ps, Steven Taylor is already driving the Wahbulance about this

ridenrain said...

Someone else at the CBC is auditioning for a liberal senator seat?

CanadianSense said...

I remember a few days ago many Lib blogs defending the CBC.

I am thrilled to see such a close relationship with the state broadcaster from Lib blogs.

liberal supporter said...

Stephen Harper wants to destroy the CBC and only Jack Layton is committed to stopping this horrible atrocity...hahahahahahaha!

Shiner said...

Yeah, I'm with tweetle dumb and tweetle dumb! Next thing you know, Peter Mansbridge will be making fun of Harper's accent on national tv!


CanadianSense said...


It appears Liberals are unhappy that executives at CTV found their gotcha moment and exposed it for ratings.

1)Liberals pretended he was tired?
2)Had a hearing problem?
3)The question has bad usage of verb tenses?

"In the view of the panel, if Mr. Murphy did not have the authority to make such an agreement, he ought not to have made it. Having made it, the broadcaster ought to have stood behind him."

Canadians witnessed the inability of the Liberal leader to explain what he would have done differently if he was PM (that's it)
It is the SAME problem Liberals can't answer today.

Why else do you think they are polling equal to Dion level numbers and the fundraising has returned to the same levels?

Shiner said...

I don't read any comment you make that is longer than a sentence CS, so save yourself the effort.

Jerome Bastien said...

Steve Janke has pretty good evidence of a double standard at work here:

not shocking really.

we've known the CBC's true colour for a while now.

Unknown said...

"Steve Janke has pretty good evidence of a double standard at work here"

The different camera angle is pretty good evidence that its not CBC footage - not that evidence is of any real interest to you.

Anonymous said...

Plagiarism appears to be a modern Conservative core value.
One of the adverts is a rip off of a Reagan advert.
Harper has borrowed other politician's speeches nearly wholemeal.
So why the great surprise when they steal stuff?
I see the self named "Canadian sense" thinks playing by the rules means your biased.
If the truth and the law appear to have a progressive bias, maybe you should revisit your core values.

CanadianSense said...


another excellent point. Let's hope your team brings them up and uses them during the campaign.

Don't forget to crack the penny jar so Liberals can respond beyond a you tube ad.