Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

...because the Tories haven't used it yet, though they have pulled those latest attack ads.

Just to recap for NN readers. Yesterday, the CPoC released a pair of attack ads so ghastly that even a few of their saner supporters were appalled . Today these ads have been disappeared, and the official line seems to be that the party never intended to air them. Others say otherwise, and skepticism is the order of the day.


leftdog said...

Tory Blogs like SDA criticised the Conservative leadership for ads such as these .. hence they are now gone.

wilson said...

What we did find out from this exercise,
is that the media will not tolerate a political party taking their opponents words out of context,
and will set the record straight.

It's really good to set ground rules for the upcoming election.

WhigWag said...

brave face, Wilson, but no:

what we really found out was that the CPC is both mean AND stupid.

double nickel said...

"we" Wilson? Careful your mask is slipping.

Gayle said...

Heh. Wilson was the one defending the ads on other blogs, along with her unsubstantiated suggestion that Ignatieff wants to "hide". ha ha ha ha ha

Anyhoo, I guess this one goes in the same category as "soldiers on our streets", which also was never aired, though you would never know it if you read BT comments.

Terence said...

Wilson the saem person who is all over the blogosphere blasting the Libs is now people like wilson coming around to understand their party of choice are disasters with the truth.

What's next? An iggy government?


wilson said...

Gawd, read between the lines folks.
Think back to all the previous Liberal ads taking Harper out of context.
like, Harper said you won't recongise this country when I'm done.
Out, yup, new rules,
not only out of context, but the quote is false.

wilson said...

I do like the ads Gayle.
Ignatieff is going to be front and center, he can't hide.

Seeing how you were cruising Bloggingtories all day Gayle,
what do you think of CTV editing out Ignatieff's embarrassing gaffe on last nights National?

I am not apologetic Terence,
just pointing out the media/Libs just set new ground rules,
for themselves.
Quoting Harper out of context is pretty much the basis of Lib ads.
Was just trying not to come off snorky.

Gayle said...

"Ignatieff is going to be front and center, he can't hide."

And as I said elsewhere wilson, why would he want to hide? You are making stuff up again. It is kind of hard to win an election when you are hiding.

As for your complaint about what your little friend Aardvark thinks is a big deal, I responded to you at Scott's.

Your whining about bias is actually, yet again, something you are making up. The story was not about someone making a slip of the tongue. The story was about the jets.

If you honestly believe that every single time a conservative made a slip of the tongue CTV aired it at all, let alone as headline news, then you are not nearly as smart as I thought you were.

Gayle said...

"Seeing how you were cruising Bloggingtories all day Gayle"

That's funny. I thought I was working all day, on the road from one disadvantaged kid to another.

Ardvark said...

"saner supporter" I am sure your readership would disagree but thanks and I have stolen it for my own nefarious purposes.

For the record appalled might be the wrong choice of words. Disgusted at the unnecessary stupidity might have been a better description.

Gayle said...

Oh boo hoo Ardvark. Oh no! Ignatieff made a mistake and it was not headline news!!!!

Prove that the media always runs with it when a conservative makes a similiar mistake, or shut up about it.

Gayle said...

Oh, and by the way, Ardvark, wilson and I have to disuss this silliness over here, because Ardvark is not a fan of people being critical of him or his party of choice on his blog.

It is all about free speech until he does not like what you say.

Ardvark said...

A pretty good case was made of this example at the link Wilson posted, but I see you added the 'always' part into your challenge making it impossible to actually prove and giving yourself an easy out if I can't prove it 'always' happens, even if I can prove that it does happen.

You are not only classy Gayle, you are predictable as well.

Thanks again for the linkage BCL.

Gayle said...


My point Ardvark was that you had ONE example, and then started screaming bias on that basis. So your proof to me is to refer me to the same one example that we have been talking about in the first place.

Face it, you have no evidence that CPC slips are covered by the media and LPC slips are not, because, well, it simply is not true. The way you people need to feel victimized is kind of creepy. And pathetic.

That whole "taking responsibility for your own actions" thing simply does not apply to conservatives, who are always going to point the finger at someone else and whine about bias.

Gayle said...

By the way, you should also thank BCL for allowing people to freely express their opinions on his blog, since it is something you are not familiar with.

. said...

Are there any live copies of the new YES YES YES attack ads online??