Wednesday, January 05, 2011

CBC DIDN'T Hold Ontario Liberal Party Fundraiser

But they mighta, and that's enough for crusading chair-hunter Brian Lilley--who has clearly been instructed by Pierre Peladeau tha he should dredge up any scandal re CBC no matter how trivial-- to fire up his word processor and start tapping away.

Wonder if Fox News North has assigned anyone to the "hassle David Suzuki" file yet?

Whoopsie! Incorrect title changed! Thanks Imp.


Anonymous said...

So if I'm planning on robbing a bank and my mother gets wind of it and tells me not to do it, am I any less guilty"

Tof KW said...

"Wonder if Fox News North has assigned anyone to the "hassle David Suzuki" file yet?"

Isn't that Ezra's job?

bigcitylib said...


I want to do x, and am doing x until the boss decides that I shouldn't be doing x, and I stop, that's not really news.

double nickel said...

PK would make a great addition to the thought police. Likely a big supporter of sharia law as well.

Tof KW said...

ridenrain said...
Entitled to their entitlements..

Excusing Harper's hyper-bloated cabinet and each ministries overspending again, eh ridofbrain?

But what does this have to do with Brian Lilley being a douchbag?

Anonymous said...

Yes because you didn't do it. In fact you are not guilty in the eyes of anyone else at all.
Whether your conscience is pricked is another thing altogether.
The law relies on facts not thoughts. I've yet to see someone sentenced to 13 years of feeling guilty about their ideas.