Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who The Fuck Is Don Burroughs?

...was my first thought on reading this story about the Tories alleged plans for a March election. Presumably not the ex-football star. I smell bullshit, and I sincerely hope, for the sake of Ms. Delacourt's credibility, that the inspiration for it was not or some other gold-plated source like that.


CanadianSense said...

...the cheerleaders are pushing some thin gruel, don't be too harsh.

It is enough to suggest someone employed/contract by the CPC making telephone calls is leaking details that an anonymous high profile politician-insider can't confirm.

thank goodness for this "whistle blower" telemarketer who was able to reach D.B. who conveniently called the Toronto Star political sleuth to bring this slam dunk article to our attention.

Quick fuel up the Jets!

Ardvark said...

Anyone who could possibly believe that a person working the phones fund-raising (who may not even be a conservative)would be privy to secret party strategy including the date of the next election, needs to have their head examined. It just is not plausible.

Niles said...

This household has also been phone-reached by Conservative Outreach on behalf of the Conservative party. No specific mention of an election was made, mostly because I didn't have time to listen to a rote spiel all the way through, but they're trolling.

What's more telling is friendly anecdotal coffee conversation wherein a local Con longtime backroom volunteer said his group was contacted and told to prep for a spring election and didn't treat it as a huge secret. Timing of said gossip just predated the stupid attack ads.

Take it with whatever amount of salt required.

Gayle said...

I guess we will see when the election is called.

Terence said...

Harper now wants an election to cut his losses as he now sees the Liberals coming on and he has no other tool than dirty attack ads because his government has done nothing but feed us lies for 5 years.
He just does not want to be seen as promoting it due to his unlawful election call in 2008. the momentum is not his and he now has virtually no control over the opposition's positions.

CanadianSense said...

Terence has you seen the by election results since Ignatieff was appointed in December 2008?

Unlawful: the court case thrown out 3x now?

On what metric do you consider this a loss?

CPC 71% vs Lib 14% by elections?

Balance Sheet? (stop your killing me)

Donors to the party?

Party, Issue or leadership Polls?

Other than bus trips taken what Metric are you using?

I am curious.

WhigWag said...

here's the Metric we should be using against Senseless for spamming every blog in creation:

Grow Up and Blow Away.

double nickel said... kidding. nonsense is dropping her steaming piles of shit all over the intertubz. It will take weeks to clean and disinfect them all.

Terence said... yu remember the facts I posted about Chretien's polls months before he won. Do you recall how low Harpercrite was in the weeks and month ahead of the 2006 election.

Harper has no real constituency and he knows it which is why he thinks he can penetrate urban voters. they are simply too smart for him because they see lies and BS just like we see yours.

Double nickel has described your garbage very well and it stinks worse every day as you get more and more desperate.

CanadianSense said...
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bocanut said...

Don Burroughs-wasn't he the homeless guy that Chretien use to chat with?

Tof KW said...