Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kellie Leitch: The Endorsement Affair

More Tory Turmoil, it seems, as the "Kellie Leitch and her bogus endorsement" story--in which Wasaga Beach mayor Cal Patterson insisted that CPoC star nominee for Simcoe-Grey Kellie Leitch withdraw an endorsement that somehow wound-up with his name on it--has been updated and extended upon:

This isn't the first endorsement faux pas for Leitch in this campaign; last week it was noted several of the endorsements on her website from MPs and senators were duplicated — word for word.

The story notes "several" endorsements, but in the google cache of "What People Are Saying" on her website I note one duplication:

There are, though, a number of other endorsements where it looks like somebody hacked together the same half-dozen sentences in slightly different order so as to make things not look too obvious.

More here.


ForestP said...

The Cons really know who to pick don't they? Makes me wonder about the actual conservative ideologues who'd like to get into politics but see there chances being scuttled as soon as the PMO decides to they want for that post.

Disgusting really.

Anonymous said...

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