Friday, January 07, 2011

Tim Hudak Needs To Come Clean On His "Nuclear Option"

Hudak said his government would go with the nuclear option to supply the province's base power needs. It is affordable and emissions free...

Mr. Hudak needs to say where he will build his new nuclear power plants, and where he will add to existing capacity. Just so people around those locations can share in his joy at the incoming cornucopia of radioactive generating capacity, right in their own backyards. Surely, when informed of Mr. Hudak's plans, they will rally to his cause.


crf said...

So ... You're saying that nuclear plants are dangerously radioactive?

Or that they are not, but the public just believes this to be the case?

Please, be clear.

BTW, if you don't want the nuclear industry to grow, do you want the oil sands and Alberta (and Alberta politics) to dominate much of the industrial growth in Canada and Ontario? Do you think, in that case, that Ontario will bite the hand of Alberta that feeds them? Do you think Ontario is going to generate a lot of jobs in the future exporting wind turbine and solar technologies? More jobs than work supporting the oil sands industry? I think it could make more jobs exporting nuclear technology, and that this has a greater potential to grow than oil sands technology, and that only this industry will prevent Alberta from dominating demand for Ontario industry, and thus dominating Canada's politics and international interests.

Posts like these make you, in my mind, a big, if unwitting, Stephen Harper booster. He also wants to keep nuclear in its small shrinking box, for personal political reasons.

I know you don't want that, and maybe don't agree with me. But what the heck?

bigcitylib said...


1) If Hudak is seriously committed to Nuclear, then fine. Let him spell out the whens and where's.

2) You sound as if you are suggesting that Hudak has a plan for exporting nuclear energy. But he doesn't He's just touting it as some kind of magic pony solution, as a nice sounding place-holder for a real plan. So let him come forward with details. But if he thinks people will be less NIMBYIST over nukes than they are over wind...well... let him make the argument.

crf said...

Not exporting energy, exporting nuclear technology.

bigcitylib said...

So he has a plan for that, does he? News to me.