Friday, January 14, 2011

Rob Ford Gets Rolled Bill Blair and the T.O. cops. That article, and this one, have the stench of flop-sweat about them. I'm betting the T.O. city cops won't have to cut their budgets, and in fact who knows who will after this display of weakness? Brother Doug seems to want to crap on Toronto's Library Services, who have also demanded a few small increases:

Another colleague was comparing the librarians, that they should be at the same level as the police. That’s the mindset that we have here.

...and I'm not how this will play either, in the end. The libraries in Toronto's suburbs have always been heavily used.

But the takeaway point is: its harder to find painless efficiencies the closer you have to look, isn't it, mayor Fatboy?


CanadianSense said...

Making fun of the weight of the Mayor?

Is this what is passes for discourse?

Cuts are coming after steady increases for years.

Rob Ford's mandate is clear and to date a majority on council have been supportive of those changes.

Why not dial it down with the personal shots and give the Mayor and the voters that beat your team by a substantial margin?

Anonymous said...

I guess Liberals are a little on edge these days.But a typical Liberal response to a well-put comment by Candian Sense. I guess Ti-Guy is alive and kicking.

Gene Rayburn said...

What's with the proliferation of commenting tories these days? It's like there's an infestation... or maybe they got their orders from the central server.

ridenrain said...

Boy.. I'm going to win that toster any day now with softball pitches like these.

ridenrain said...

I'm held in high esteem!
Seriously, come up with policies that folks agree with and we'd be happy. Who ever thought the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council or the human rights comissions were good things?

Unknown said...

And incidentally, one more reason the CBC is superior to any of the crap commercial radio in this country - it's not a member of the CBSC.