Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tarek Fatah Lays The Blame On Liberal Party Of Canada

So, on Saturday night "Moderate Muslim" Tarek Fatah was supposed to debate Imam Sheharyar Shaikh of the North American Muslim Foundation on the topic of "Does Secular Liberalism Exemplify the Qur'an and Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)". The debate did not go off; Tarek refused to attend, citing threats to his safety and a number of other concerns. You can read the original statement from the MCC (Muslim Congress of Canada) here (bolded).

I should say that a number of the claims made in the statement justifying Tarek's withdrawal from the debate appear on the face of it to be untrue. For example, the MCC claim that "the off-duty policemen NAMF had hired for security, had been withdrawn" appears to be false. Or at least, here is a picture of three muscly young fellows wearing jackets that say "Security". They are definitely present in the auditorium, and appear to be police (although their shoulder patches aren't quite the same as those of the T.O. police). Note: Tarek now appears to be suggesting the three are Islamists impersonating police. For another example, the MCC official statement says that another reason Tarek refused to appear was that "no video cameras would be allowed inside the hall". After I pointed out a picture of one of these forbidden video cameras to Tarek, he amended the claim and pointed me to this NAMF news release, which specifically forbids cameras on tripods due to limited space. Hardly a deal breaker or a sign of Insurgent Islamism, as far as I can tell.

But Tarek was just getting warmed up

So this sounds like Tarek is accusing the federal Liberal Party of Canada of approaching Karen Mock and asking her to bow-out of the event, an interpretation that is supported by this further response, which fingers MP Anthony Rota as the cause of Ms. Mock's withdrawal.

It will be interesting to see how this story evolves over the next couple of days. There were apparently some media present at the event, although no MSM stories that I can see as yet.

PS. The entire thread I'm excerpting from Tarek's FB page is here.


CanadianSense said...

A problem with securing valet parking perhaps?

mezba said...

There was pretty much no problem with bringing cameras (I have a DSLR) and it's not the NAMF who cancelled Ms Mock.

Also, no one in the debate, as mentioned in some of the comments on "Blazing Cat Fur" said Shariah Law would be wonderful for Canada. The whole debate is available on youtube.

mezba said...

The video of the debate should also prove

1. The cry of Allah Akbar (God is Great) is when the NAMF official mentioned he has a witness that Mr Fatah confirmed he would attend.

2. The official told the people shouting "Allah Akbar" to "calm down", so some people saying they allowed the 'extremists' to carry on is incorrect.

Leader of the Curmudgeon Wing of the Liberal Party said...

I arrived late to attend the debate only to find streams of disappointed people returning to their cars. I was told by a nice couple that the debate did not proceed because Mr. Fatah did not arrive. They were not sure of the exact reason. They had heard about an issue with the moderator but that there was a replacement moderator.

We had all hoped to see a great debate.


Christian said...

Well BCL, obviously Tarek Fatah is a "Moderate Muslim". It's not like he wants ALL Liberals to drown. Just the caucus.

Muslimology said...

The man is a coward. A 'brown sahib' is what they call em. If you watch the video the NAMF organizers explained everything and I think the Liberal party understands that Tarek Fatah would attack them one way or another anyways, but the Muslim community trusts the Liberal party, which says something about who Canadian Muslims really are.

Admin said...

Tarek's quarreling with the Liberals? Wonder if he's going to be joining the Tories soon?

AgnoBlahger said...

The author of this blog ought to percieve several items.

Firstly, security guards are not police in the fine province of Ontario. They are not deputized, and have limited legal power to enforce laws compared to the police. They also should not have guns on duty. Which is a bit of a drawback when faced with an angry mob.

Secondly, anecdotal evidence abounds that Toronto Police were not willing to attend due to concerns for their safety. Go figure...

Thirdly, the expalanation for the switch of moderators at the last moment is altogether flaky. Pardon, but was not the honourable MP hopeful aware of her mother's condition two to three days prior to the debate? Certainly Ms. Mock could have made arrangements for someone to take of her mother for a few hours given the sudden Friday diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. Excuse the analogy, but her mother was not bleeding out on the side of the road.

Thank you kindly,
Oleg S.

Niles said...

Ogodot yes, those rock concerts SUCK when they don't have security waving firearms around to fire furiously into Ontario audiences pressing the stage. And nightclub bouncers?? It is just sooo sad they are helpless because they can't pack.

Very nice touch to intimate the police involved in the G20 arrests feared a small gathering of 'ethnics' and to sneer at the cancelled moderator's inability to predict family crisis points.

With airtight defenses like Olaf's offered, Mr. Fatah's behaviour is explained fully.

Marky Mark said...

bigcitylib said...

Thanks, MM,

thats the 3rd iteration of that statement. I should probably do a word for word compare with the earlier versions. But clearly his account of events continues to evolve.

PS. Probably be some coverage in the next couple of days.

bigcitylib said... which I mean media coverage.

bigcitylib said...

..Or maybe that's just version 2.0. Sorry: I think I've already seen that.

mezba said...

In his own comments on a note on Facebook, Tarek Fatah notes ONE DAY EARLY that "now it looks like the moderator has jumped ship".

I am sure screenshots can be taken before Mr Fatah removes this comment. It's on the post where he is complaining (falsely) about cameras.

So his whole statement that he JUST found out about change in moderator when he got there is complete lies.

bigcitylib said...


Its pretty clear that TF heard of the new moderator (althoghmaybe not who it was) at least 24 hours in advance. As I say, there may be some MSM coverage coming up that will mention all this.

MS said...

Its ALL bulls*it. PROOF that Tarek Fatah knew A DAY BEFORE that Karen Mock was not attending:

BUT here is Tarek's press release saying he found out only when he showed up:

Furthermore: there is NOTHING to indicate the guards were Muslim - the patch clearly shows they belong to a private company. Apparently TF and company don't know how private security workls: they CAN put their hand on you to escort you out.

FACT IS: Tarek chickened out - its that simple. Heck I asked to debate him on the SAME TOPIC - his choice of venue, moderator - heck he can even pick the colour of the drapes if it'll make 'em happy -- all I would request is that he SHOW UP.

The excuses being peddled are just inexcusable: see how he attacked the Liberal party? WATCH: he may well jump over to the Tories ... don't forget he tried to run as an NDP years ago and then saw what he thought was a chance with the Liberals and jumped the NDP ship. ZERO integrity this guy.

He belongs with the Tories: who else could capitalize of such fear-mongering of Islam and Muslims? I'm sure FOX News would hire him too ...



Unknown said...

MS and BigCityLib are right. T Fateh has proved himself to be an intellectual pygmy and a moral coward. He chickened out of the debate - pure and simple. I was there from beginning to end, NOTHING of what Fateh says is true. There was no hostile crowd environment and no one was "escorted out under police protection" as the liar claimed in his blog. He is, indeed, a 'brown sahib', and American equivalent would be 'Uncle Tom'. Only his sycophantic cronies like the ones that crowd his fan page can ever deny that this was a total let down from their hero.

mezba said...

The National Post on this story.

Anonymous said...

Blame is only for all Liberal party members.

Benson Bear said...

Coming to this a little late, but MS's saying "its all bullshit", I think, is incorrect. His two citations do not show any contradictions on Fatah's part.

The first one shows that he knew on the morning of the debate that the original moderator had bailed out. It does not imply that he knew that a new moderator had been unilaterally appointed, which is all that the second citation implies. It does not imply any contradiction of the first citation, in other words. It is consistent with him knowing that the original moderator had bailed out, but that a new one had not yet been appointed.

He naturally expected that a moderator would only be appointed with his approval. In fact this can be seen at the MAMF page where they publish all his email, which reveals that this was a concern of his from way back.