Monday, January 10, 2011

Tory Turmoil: Ontario Landowners Threaten Hudak Again

This is a follow-up to the story of the OLA's threatening letter to Tim Hudak:

[Deborah] Madill says her letter to Hudak is a "gentle reminder" that her group, which she described as an "non-partisan and non-political," should not be seen as loyal to the PC party. The group will be flexing its political muscle in the upcoming election, she adds.

"In the past we've been quoted as being Conservative-minded, and that's not necessarily the case," Madill said in an interview. "We will throw our weight behind the political candidate who shows the political will to support landowner rights."

In practice, this means they might support a fringe party candidate, which could siphon enough votes from the PCPO to toss a few more seats Dalton McGuinty's way. Mind you, a Hudak capitulation to landowner demands could be a vote loser as well, as the OLA's tactics have made them enemies even in those parts of Ontario where they are strongest.

Quite a dilemma for Tim Hudak.


Reality Bites said...

The history of fringe candidates in Ontario has been not attracting enough support to cause a rush if all their voters showed up at Tim Horton's at the same time.

Every time there's a federal election FD explodes in predictions of how they're going to punish Harper for not being sufficiently right-wing and every time the votes of the extreme-right fringe parties goes down.

Tof KW said...

Good points Reality Bites. Hudak needs to put down the Landowners if he has any intention of becoming premier. The Republicans in the US are a good example of what ultimately happens to a party when it begins to require the support of the lunatic fringe.