Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Richard Warman Vs. Salman Hossain: Guess Who Wins?

Salman Hossain is the once Canadian resident and now international fugitive behind the "Filthy Jewish Terrorists" website. My readers probably know who Richard Warman is, but if not, looky here. In any case:

I am pleased to note that US website hosting company HiVelocity has terminated service to the latest incarnation of Salman HOSSAIN’s hate website “filthyjewishterrorists’ [sic] following a complaint I lodged with them about its violation of their Terms of Service (TOS).

HOSSAIN is a fugitive from justice wanted in Canada for criminal charges of promotion of genocide and the willful promotion of hatred. His website is most infamous for its calls for genocide against the worldwide Jewish population and attacks against Western military forces. His INTERPOL arrest notice can be seen here.

After I saw Adrian Humphreys’ latest piece in the National Post about HOSSAIN’s website reappearing, I contacted my colleagues at the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH) who helped track down HOSSAIN’s new server. I submitted my concerns to HiVelocity about the fact that HOSSAIN’s website contents violated several portions of their TOS and they responded in short order by terminating service.

Kudos are due to Adrian Humphreys and Stewart Bell of the National Post for following the story, INACH’s German member Jugendschutz for their assistance, but especially HiVelocity for doing the right thing. The world is a modestly better place for the absence of HOSSAIN’s garbage.

I guess the NP will be singing Warman's praises in their next piece on the topic. And, by the way, all the non-italicized bits above link through to docs and websites. Feel free to click upon them.

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