Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tory Turmoil Reaches Boil In Simcoe Grey!!!

COLLINGWOOD — A candidate for the Conservative nomination in Simcoe-Grey says she had the OK — with a signature in hand — from Simcoe County's warden to prepare an endorsement letter with his autograph.

Actually, this sounds less a case of forged signatures and more a case of local Tory players gratuitously taking umbrage at one another. Personally, I never take umbrage...unless its just lying around and no one else is using it. Bah Hah!

Or, if you want to understand the situation here on a slightly deeper level, you might want to google "Kellie Leitch" "parachute candidate".

H/t to this guy who seems about 12/24 hours ahead of the local paper.


Tof KW said...

OK I'm trying to follow this. Did Patterson in fact email support Leitch? If so then Leitch can use that endorsement.

However that's a really dumb thing for Patterson to do if true, for the simple reason that it will become uncomfortable for him should Helena or the Lib candidate prevail in this riding.

That's the reason why party politics is a really bad idea on the municipal level, you have to be able to work with whoever represents the provincial and federal governments in your riding.

bigcitylib said...

It sounds like he was ready to give an endorsement, had even approved the wording but had not been mailed the resulting letter for final approval before it went out to the general public.

Scoop said...

Actually, Bigcitylib, I'm 12/24 hours ahead of the paper because, um, I'm the editor of the paper...
But thanks for the plug!

- Scoop, aka, Morgan Ian Adams...

Anonymous said...

Its like and advertising or what I can't figure it out.

Maria[grey suit]