Sunday, January 16, 2011

EDL/JDL LoveFest: The Aftermath

...included this Op-Ed piece by Bernie Farber and Benjamin Shinewald, and this clarification:

Some have also claimed that we suggested that members of the Jewish Defence League were the perpetrators of the violence at their rally in support of the English Defence League, which was held in Toronto on January 11, 2011, and/or that they were arrested. We did not make that claim in our op-ed or in any other forum. In fact, we understand that the only arrests were of the Anti Racist Action protesters who were outside protesting the rally.

It's worth noting the phrasing in the original article:

Those attending the indoor rally at the Toronto Zionist Centre, near Lawrence Ave. and the Allen Expwy., were met by others opposing it outside. Like two weather fronts, they came together violently, despite a reported eight mounted police keeping them apart.

...and comparing it to this news release from Canadian Hindu Advocacy, who claim to have sent a security contingent to the event:

The CANADIAN HINDU ADVOCACY security team, which has been training with JDL at the Toronto Zionist Center, joined JDL security tonight to deter ARA and Islamic attackers.

Together, Hindu and JDL security assisted Toronto Police in making a number of arrests as several masked attackers blocked roads and violently assaulted police.

In the conflict that ensued, Hindu and JDL defenders succeeded in repelling the violent assault. The fleeing attackers abandoned a large amount of paraphernalia.

So we do have a claim, by allies of the JDL, that they were out in the street knocking heads together. A claim now contradicted by other allies of the JDL. Someone's bullshitting here, and I don't think its Farber.

PS. I've emailed Toronto police to see if they have any comment re Hindu Advocacy's claims. Haven't heard back yet.

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deboaned said...

So then all the posturing and gesticulating from the knuckle-dragging crowd seems to be just that. And the CJC clarification does not suggest that JDL and friends were not involved in the violence, only that they didn't get caught.

Thanks to the Canadian Hindu Advocacy group for setting the record straight.